Stop trying people!

In civilized and modern democracies around the world, governments work for the common citizens, but in India it is the opposite. Citizens in India work for the governments and the governments are only engaged in the gimmicks of winning elections. Democracy has been said to be governed by the people, of the people and by the people but in India the people are only to be governed. The servants who are elected do not serve the people, but rule over the people. In India, the public is considered responsible for every problem of the country and it is expected that they should make sacrifices to solve that problem. He is reminded of his duties more than his rights. Stop trying people India

It is ironic that the governments in India snatch the rights of citizens with the power of the stick and get the duties performed with the help of the stick. Through speeches he is given the illusion of maximum freedom but in reality minimum freedom is given. In this way the whole concept of democracy and public welfare government has been turned on its head.

Look around you and think where governments have failed and you are being held responsible for the failure of governments, then you will get an idea of ​​the reality of democracy. Governments in India failed to stop the spread of the corona virus. For several months after the virus was reported, the governments did nothing and when the infection spread, the negligence of the citizens was blamed for it. Due to negligence, failure and policy incompetence of the governments, lakhs of people died and the country suffered lakhs of crores of rupees, but no government was held responsible. On the contrary, sometimes the Tablighi Jamaat, sometimes the migrant laborers and sometimes the crowds celebrating festivals and shopping in the markets were held responsible. Did anyone ask who had given permission for the gathering of Tablighi Jamaat or because of which the migrant laborers were migrating and who opened the market and made way for the gathering of people? The fault lies with the governments and the responsibility lies with the people. If you go out on the road without a mask, then the police catch you and beat you with sticks and also collect fine ranging from one hundred rupees to two thousand rupees.

These days the issue of air pollution in the national capital Delhi has become a rage. There is a government of both the Center and the state in Delhi and both the governments are working with full majority for the last seven years. But in these seven years no government has done a single thing to get rid of pollution. On the contrary, they have fulfilled their duty by holding them responsible for bursting crackers on Diwali and burning stubble in Punjab and Haryana. The Delhi government installed only one smog tower, the publicity of which was probably spent more than its cost. Think, governments have failed but farmers who burn stubble to spread pollution are being prosecuted and fined. Similarly, dengue has spread in Delhi and more than six thousand cases have been found. The government could not eliminate mosquitoes by fogging, nor was there any arrangement for good treatment in hospitals, but the municipal team is roaming from house to house and if dengue mosquito is found anywhere in your pot, water tank, bathroom, then you will be fined. is putting In Bihar, under the nose of the government, liquor is being smuggled or spurious liquor is being made with the connivance of the police, but instead of stopping it, the police are arresting the drinkers and putting them in jail or extorting huge amount.

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Think, in the capital Delhi, the government failed to maintain cleanliness and kill mosquitoes by fogging, but if dengue mosquito is found, then you have to pay the fine. Governments did not take any measures to eliminate pollution, but you have to face cases for burning stubble or burning garbage or bursting firecrackers and you have to pay the fine. The smuggling of liquor is happening in front of the eyes of the police and administration, but you have to go to jail for drinking alcohol. Governments have failed to stop the spread of corona and give proper treatment to patients, but you have to pay the fine for not wearing a mask. The government, which failed to stop Corona, imposed a lockdown by asking you? No! To hide your incompetence, governments imposed lockdowns or imposed thousands of restrictions, due to which you lost your job, your business was closed, you paid a heavy price and you also paid the fine for violating the rules of lockdown. All these issues mean – what did governments do in the fight against alcoholism, fighting dengue, fighting pollution and fighting corona, only advertisements!

Your liability or your fine does not end here. The government expects more from you. Only then see how many things the government has made mandatory in your life. Vaccination has been made mandatory, then Aadhar card is also almost mandatory because everything has to be linked to vaccination, PAN and income tax return. If you have a car, then you have to pay money to walk on the roads made with your own tax money and for that the government has made FASTag mandatory. If FASTag is not installed on your vehicle, then on the highway you will have to pay many times more in the form of fine. Now the central government is making GPS mandatory in all the vehicles, which will be linked to the account of the vehicle owner and the money for walking on the highway for a while will also be deducted directly from the account. The government has made high security number plates mandatory for vehicles and fines are being charged for not having high security number plates. However, even after the high security number plate, the government is not responsible for the safety of your vehicle. In the name of smart meter, the government is prepaying all the electricity connections so that you cannot burn even one unit of electricity for free, even on credit. Here your deposited money is over and there the power cut! Such is the requirement of minimum deposit in bank accounts that State Bank has also deducted Rs 165 crore from Jan Dhan accounts.

Think, the government has made everything necessary to collect money, but has the government made such a thing mandatory, which is related to the basic necessities of your life i.e. bread, cloth and house? Did the government say that it is mandatory for every citizen to have three times, nutritious food and if anyone does not have it then the government will provide it? Did the government say that the treatment of every disease is mandatory and if someone is not capable, then the government will get it treated? Was it made mandatory to link food and illness with Aadhaar number so that if a person is hungry or sick, the government can provide him with food and medicine? Has the government linked job, employment with Aadhar or PAN card so that if someone loses his job or stops employment, he will immediately start getting the money he needs? One such thing has not been made mandatory, which is a requirement of the citizen. Only those things have become necessary, from which the governments have to earn money by sucking the blood of the people.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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