Strange – Amazing: The bride’s examination took place before marriage, know what is the matter…

Rajkot. Gujraat Rajkot Marrriage News : It takes a lot of time for brides to dress up in a ceremony like a wedding. But a surprising case has come to light from Rajkot, Gujarat. To give the semester examination of a college here, the girl student reached the examination center wearing a bride’s clothes. The pictures and videos of this girl who came to take the exam as a bride became viral on social media as well. While the students were stunned to see the bride giving the exam in the examination hall, on the other hand the teachers also could not understand anything. Confusion persisted for a long time. After which the teachers questioned the bride-turned-girl regarding this, then the whole matter has been revealed.

The wedding date was already fixed

Gujraat Rajkot Marrriage News : The girl student’s name is Shivangi and she is a resident of Rajkot. Shivangi’s marriage was already fixed and the groom was also very much liked by her. But later the exam dates came on the wedding day itself, due to which everything got messed up. The bride did not tell this to anyone that she has a test on the wedding day itself. She could not live with him on the day of marriage and she shared this thing with her future husband. The husband did not say anything at first, but what he did after that may be remembered by Shivangi for the rest of his life.

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self reached college

Gujraat Rajkot Marrriage News : When the bride told on the phone that she had exams today, the groom did not react at that time. Later, the groom reached the girl’s house on the wedding day without a procession and insisted on taking her along. But by then the wedding preparations were almost complete and Shivangi had worn the bride’s dress. Then the groom told the whole thing to the girl’s family members, then they also started praising the groom. After which the groom himself took the bride for examination before marriage.

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