Strange tales of Konark temple demolition

He was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath. He told them that he was going to accept Hinduism again. But he could not do so because Maharaja Mukund Dev had ordered that he was not eligible to do so. Hearing this broke his heart. He came back with a broken heart and attacked Kalinga with the Afghan army as Mahmud Formula.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi got Ram temple in Ayodhya or temple in Varanasi When I see crores of rupees being spent on the reconstruction of the area, I am reminded of the plight of the Sun Temple near Orissa. Considered a wonderful masterpiece of art and engineering, this temple is slowly getting ruined. This temple situated on the shore of the sea is being damaged by the moisture of the sea winds. This temple was badly destroyed by some attackers. Its story is very interesting. The way the attacking rulers had a role in the destruction of Ramjanmabhoomi, so is it with this temple.

near from puri 30 The Sun Temple at Konark, kilometers away, was built by King Narasimhadeva. 13It was done in the th century. This temple is known all over the world for its distinctive shape and sculpture. At the entrance there is a statue of two big lions looking at an elephant crushing a human. On climbing on top of it comes the Natya Mandir. Konark in Sanskrit at this place ,Extract, means the sun, while angle would have meant a corner or edge

There is a huge temple behind the Nataya Mandir. There are wide stairs which lead to the Jagmohan Sabha Bhavan of the Sun Temple. There are horses on both sides of the stairs. These horses are carved out of stone. Jagmohan Sabha Bhavan was built for the worship of Sun God. this temple 24 Hinges on wheels which have been beautifully sculpted. both sides of it 12-12 There are wheels. They are sometimes seen pulling seven horses.

But the invaders broke six horses and now only one horse is visible. Very beautiful carvings have been done on the walls of the prayer hall Jagmohan. It depicts the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Apart from this, pictures of many kings of the Ganga royal family were also fabricated. Along with hunting pictures, elephants, giraffes and dancing are also displayed. A lot of iron was used in the construction of this temple, which is still visible from place to place today. It is said that inside this temple 11 There is a foot high idol of the Sun God, which represents the Sun in three directions, morning, afternoon and evening. of there 24 The wheels tell the time by acting like the dial of the sun. Now the floating statue of the sun has disappeared.

A huge magnet was placed in the temple. It is said that its weight is approx. 52 Tons were. Due to the location of the temple by the sea, ships passing through the sea are pulled towards it., Due to which they do heavy damage. So the British took out this stone and filled the place with sand. Today that womb is full of sand.

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Its legend is also quite interesting. Once situated on the banks of river Chandrabhaga, this temple is a unique and unique example of engineering. Its architect was Bishu Maharana. He created its unique designs. The reason for this is that the idol of a sun in his sanctum keeps floating in the air without any support. graphite it, iron, Made from magnets and some metals. There was a diamond on the forehead of the idol of Surya. There this idol floated in such a way that it would turn according to the direction of the sun and when the sunlight fell on it, the whole place would be lit up with the light emanating from the jewels.

In the construction of this temple, mainly sand, Granite stones and precious metals were used. temple construction 1200 The laborers worked day and night almost 12 done over the years. this temple 229 feet high, in it three idols of Lord Surya made of a single stone have been installed. He used stones, iron and magnets to create such conditions that when the idol of the sun was placed there, it would float. on top 52 Tons of magnets were applied, which combined with other magnets created such a magnetic condition that the idol of the Sun would float in the air. Graphite stones were also planted around. This magnet would have carried all the weight of the idol. It is said that initially he had to face a lot of difficulties in making the idol of the sun float in the air. The architect’s son Dharampal also worked there. One day, seeing his father upset, he suggested a way to make the idol float in the air. Since childhood, he used to play with magnets collected by his father at home. He learned how to make someone float under the influence of magnets and what should be the distance between two magnets. Graphite stones were placed on his side on his advice and after adjusting them for a few hours, the idol of Surya started floating in the air. Surya Ganga was the family deity of the royal family.

For a long time, the idol of the Sun God floated in the air in the temple there until the stone of the magnet was removed from there. History tells that the Afghan Sultan Suleiman Khan Karrani conquered Bengal., He attacked in the states like Bihar and Orissa etc. In which he had to face defeat. Influenced by the war of Senapati Rajilochan Roy, Maharaja Munkad Dev started calling him Kalachand Rai, he was the Maharaja of Kalinga. The Sultan knew that he would not be able to win over those states while Rajilochan Roy was the general. So he hatched a conspiracy. His daughter Gulnaz was very beautiful. Asked that Gulnaz to fascinate him. Rajeev Lochan fell madly in love with her and married her and brought her back to Kalinga. But the Sultan said that he was ready to marry his daughter to her but he would have to convert his religion. Rajilochan Roy was a Brahmin. He would have to convert to Islam while he wanted both his wife Gulnaz and King Mukundadeva. Gulnaz told him that he was ready to embrace Hinduism and after marriage, Rajilochan Roy could also leave Islam and convert to Hinduism. Rajilochan Roy became a Muslim and was named Muhammad Formuli and married Gulnaz.

When he reached the Jagannath temple with his wife, the priests stopped both of them from entering. He knew the priests very well as he was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath. He told them that he was going to accept Hinduism again. But he could not do so because Maharaja Mukund Dev had ordered that he was not eligible to do so. Hearing this broke his heart. The Maharaja went a step ahead and ordered that even his children would not be able to go to the temple of Lord Jagannath. His heart was broken and came back with a broken heart and he attacked Kalinga with the Afghan army as Mahmud Formulai, killed his friends, acquaintances, the king and his family members. He went to the Sun temple and destroyed all the temples there. It was now called the Black Mountain. His army broke all the horses of the temple and broke the floating idol of the sun and threw it away and took the jewels in the idol with them. Along with this, that part of the temple also collapsed and fell. The Kalinga, which was once destroyed by Ashoka, was turned into dust by the Kala Pahad. However, the floating idol of the Sun Temple is being printed on the back of our notes.

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