Subhash Ghai was stunned by the performance of Saregamapa contestants; Offered blank check and contract

Zee TV recently brought out its most coveted and longest running reality show Saregamapa 2021, which continues to live on in the hearts of music lovers of the country. While the show has got a strong start, its talented contestants have impressed the audience a lot. However, the audience is going to get a special treat this Saturday, where Subhash Ghai will reach Saregamapa as a special guest.

English-When Subhash Ghai was so impressed by the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestants that he offered them some wonderful opportunities

While the upcoming episodes will see mind-blowing performances from the top 10 contestants, Subhash Ghai’s witty comments and initiatives will win hearts. After watching a scintillating performance by all the talented musicians, the well-known filmmaker was reminded of the singers with whom he had worked during the golden period of his career. Sharing some interesting anecdotes about this, Subhash Ghai compared Deepayan and Nilanjana to Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar respectively. Not only this, this filmmaker also gave him one of the biggest offers of his life!

During this special episode, Nilanjana beautifully recreated Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Bada Dukh Dina O Ramji’. Subhash Ghai was so impressed by the stunning performance of this contestant that he offered Nilanjana a contract.

On the sets of Saregamapa, Subhash Ghai said, “Nilanjana you have sung beautifully and I think you have brought this song alive today. Your performance was so good that I really felt like Lata ji was singing this song. I request you to please come to my office, you will get your contract as a singer ready.

While Nilanjana was overjoyed to get this offer, Contestant Deepayan also got huge compliments from Subhash Ghai. After watching Deepayan’s scintillating act on the song ‘Om Shanti Om’, the filmmaker got lost in nostalgia and recalled the time when late Kishore Kumar recorded the song for his film. Subhash Ghai explains, “You sang every part of this song exactly the way Kishore Kumar sang it. You sang really well Deepayan and I feel like Kishore Da is back. Brilliant. After hearing so many compliments from the special guest, Deepayan’s feet were not falling on the ground, but not only that! There was more ahead!

During this, after Contestant Snigdhajit’s power-packed performance on the song ‘Khalnayak’, he told how he started his journey with the song Khalnayak, which led him to get a job in a local pub. Snigdhajit thanked this director for making such a wonderful film but what did he know what was going to happen next! Mesmerized by his performance, Subhash Ghai handed him a blank check signed and told him, “Snigdhajit, my blessings are with you. I think where everyone struggles in their initial phase is very important and I am sure there is no one here who hasn’t struggled to reach this point. I was very impressed to hear from you and would like to offer this check to you. I am not writing any amount on it, you can write whatever amount you want on it.

While Subhash Gayi’s comments and generosity will leave you stunned, wait a while and get ready to be mesmerized by the scintillating performance of the Saregamapa contestants in this Saturday’s episode!

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