Summer Tournament: San Lorenzo beat Independiente in the debut of Troglio and Domínguez

San Lorenzo beat Independiente 1-0 with a goal from Marcelo Herrera for the first date of group B of the 2022 Summer Tournament, in the match that marked the debuts of Pedro Troglio as coach of Ciclón and Eduardo Domínguez on the bench of Rojo . Augusto Batalla was sent off on the winning team.

Avellaneda’s team had a first half with positive signs at the hands of Mauro Zurita with several projections on the right side added to the rebellion of Alan Velasco, but the absence of Silvio Romero calmed all progress.

On the other side, Boedo’s men took shelter in defense and struck in the only dangerous action. At 44 minutes into the initial part, Gabriel Rojas assisted Marcelo Herrera for the first goal of the game. Next, the substitute goalkeeper of the Cyclone was expelled for an excessive celebration.

Already for the supplement, Independiente’s offensive anemia was a worrying fact in the final part. With a clear plan in place, San Lorenzo waited behind, waiting for a counterattack that would define history against a rival that didn’t tickle him.

Silvio Romero’s departure to Fortaleza from Brazil fueled the lack of goals in those led by Eduardo Domínguez, who closed the final part with a single clear approach under the three sticks by Sebastián Torrico.

Independiente will close their participation in group B of the 2022 Summer Tournament next Tuesday from 9:00 p.m. against Talleres, while San Lorenzo will face T on Saturday 22 at the same time. Both matches will be played at the Uno de La Plata stadium.

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