Sunbathing in cold weather has its own fun: Pragati Mehra

, Shanti Swarup Tripathi

Serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” fame Pragati Mehra finds the winter season very sweet. This is the season where they get an opportunity to sit in the sun and sunbathe, wearing jackets, socks and shoes. While she sweats a lot in hot and humid weather, this makes her nervous.

Pragati Mehra herself says – “In Mumbai, winters do not come during the winter season. But the coolness in the air is certainly much better than all the humidity. Sadly, such weather lasts for a very short time in Mumbai. Kashmir is my all time favorite holiday destination. Lapland comes in second. I enjoy traveling during winters.

By the way, people associated with the entertainment world hardly get to enjoy long holidays. At least for those who do daily soaps in TV, there are few opportunities to go for a walk. In this context, Pragati Mehra says – “It is not possible to get a sudden break during the shooting, but we can plan. If we let the production house know about our travel plans in advance, everything can be adjusted accordingly. Because if an artist is a part of a long-running successful serial, then you have to understand a few things. It is true that the thought of an artist traveling or meeting loved ones while working in daily serials is just a ridiculous idea.

Pragati Mehra likes to visit Landour in Uttarakhand the most. She says- “I usually take a direct flight from Mumbai to Dehradun. Then after a wonderful two-hour drive from Dehradun, I reach my destination. But traveling here in winter is not easy. Though the weather is very pleasant during this season.” What do you like to eat in winters? On this question Pragati said- “Winter is for eating! Morning sunshine and gluttony go hand in hand! If there is an opportunity to take a walk on any of the trails in the hills, then the ‘Mountain Wali Maggi’ and ‘Ginger Lemon Tea’ taste amazing. Childhood memory of stuffing roasted peanuts in the pockets of our school blazers, and chewing them to the last period every single day until you’re definitely caught.”

Shivam Bangwal

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