Taliban claiming that they have killed Afghan government’s media officer

KABUL: Taliban contenders on Friday killed the Afghanistan government’s top media and data official in the capital city of Kabul, a representative of the hardline assailant bunch said.

Dawa Khan Minapal, who was the head of government Media and Information Center (GMIC), had been killed, an authority in the administrative inside service affirmed, without saying who was dependable.

Minapal had additionally filled in as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s representative.

Scores of social activists, writers, civil servants, judges and well known people who were battling to support a liberal Islamic system have been dispensed with by Taliban warriors in a bid to quiet voices of difference in the conflict torn country.

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The death was the most recent in a series led by the hardline Islamist gathering to debilitate Ghani’s fairly chosen, western sponsored system.

A Taliban representative said Menapal was “killed in a unique assault by the Mujaheedin (Taliban warriors) and was rebuffed for his activities.”

On Tuesday, the region legislative leader of Sayed Abad area in Maidan Wardak region was likewise killed in Kabul by Taliban contenders.

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