Talleres de Córdoba will be Boca Juniors’ rival in the final of the Argentina Cup 2021

While the Tomba Mendoza dominated much of the game, Cordoba workshops he stayed with the semifinal and went on to the grand final in which he will face a Boca Juniors needed since he Xeneize must win the cup to qualify for the Libertadores Cup 2022.

As for the development of the meeting, the first half was very entertaining. Godoy Cruz left a better image by generating various dangerous situations. Workshops suffered some defensive decouples, but also brought danger to the rival goal.

Two minutes later it was the first dangerous play of the game. Godoy Cruz surprised left with a deep attack of Martin Ojeda, who finished crossed and found the goalkeeper’s reaction Guido Herrera to pure reflexes to brush the ball and send it to the corner, which the referee did not sanction Ariel Penel.

Five minutes later it was Damian Perez who tested mid-distance, while the response of Workshops came through a big headbutt from Diego Valoyes which came out slightly deviated.

At 21 ′, Ojeda It went deep again and finished crossed. It was another warning light for the reversal of The t, which was not fine. However, on offense the Cordoba team threatened to react for three minutes later through Michael Santos. The action was near perfect and featured acceleration from Valoyes who assisted very well for the forward, who hooked twice and when he was getting ready to score, he was just intercepted.

At 28 ′, Martin Ojeda again he brought danger in the area and after hooking he finished off forced, but Herrera controlled without problems. At this point, Godoy Cruz handled the ball much better and turned his game to the right, with Matías Ramírez, Ezequiel Bullaude and the contributions of the tip Thomas Badaloni.

Workshops tried with a free kick shot from Michael Santos, which goalkeeper Juan Espínola took to the corner, and at the end a header from Komar he went very close, although the former Boca Juniors defender was offside.

The last action of the first half was with the great free kick of Martin Ojeda, the great figure of the stage, which covered Herrera and on the rebound Damian Perez sent it up. It was a great chance that Tomba, who went to rest leaving a very good impression.

In the plugin, it was Workshops the one who adjusted the marks and in the first chance he had he converted. Did Diego Valoyes, penalty at 12 minutes. The action that resulted in the maximum penalty well sanctioned by Ariel penel originated with a long ball to Michael Santos that when he was about to define in front of Espinola, must have backed down because of the sticky mark of Bruno Laws and hooked, causing the fall of his rival also generated by the push of his own goalkeeper.

From the ground, the midfielder of the Tomba he turned around and, as he extended his arm, touched the ball with his hand. The Colombian striker defined a stick and put his team ahead, which until now had been surpassed by Godoy Cruz.

In this way, Noodles They qualified for the final and will face the Xeneize on Wednesday, December 8 at the Stadium City of Mothers located in the province of Santiago del Estero.

Cordoba workshops

SOURCE: Infobae.

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