Temples and Maths should convert all those who have gone out of Hinduism – MP Tejashwi Surya

New Delhi: Karnataka Bharatiya Janata Party MP Tejashwi Surya has said that temples and monasteries should set annual targets to bring back converted Hindus. In a video, which has now gone viral on social media, the young BJP MP can be seen apparently calling for converting Hindus back into the fold. The BJP MP said there are people who belonged to Hinduism but had converted to Islam or Christianity. It is our duty to bring these people back to Hinduism. Also, Hindus who were converted to Islam in Pakistan should be brought back to Pale. ( conversion of all)

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Annual goal to bring back Hinduism

Tejasvi Surya said that to accomplish such religious re-conversion should be the annual target of all monasteries and temples. The annual goal of all monasteries and temples should be to bring people back to Hinduism. For example, there were people who had to undergo religious conversion because of Tipu Sultan. Therefore it is necessary that these people should be brought back to Hinduism. This is the only way a renaissance can happen.

Tejashwi Surya is the National President of Yuva Morcha (conversion of all)

Tejashwi Surya, who is also the National President of Yuva Morcha. Tejashwi Surya made these remarks while speaking at a closing ceremony at Sri Krishna Math. Surya’s statements come at a time when the state has witnessed massive protests over the Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021, commonly known as the Anti-Conversion Bill, which has been passed in the Assembly. The Bill prohibits conversion from one religion to another through misrepresentation, force, fraud, greed or marriage. ( conversion of all)

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