The Bachelor of Psychopedagogy joins the academic offer of UFASTA

The new UFASTA proposal will be developed under distance mode, with an innovative study plan that will have a theoretical duration of one year plus an integrative final project, and will grant a nationally valid title.

The growing demand in the field of health, forensic and labor, requires that professionals achieve the title of Bachelor to be able to join the jobs in these areas.

The Complementary Cycle of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy is aimed at those people who have the title of psychopedagogue; Professor in Psychopedagogy with a University degree or non-university Higher Level, who have a workload of at least 1800 hours and at least three years duration.

In this sense, the Dean of the Faculty of Cs. of Education, Mg. Melanie Markman commented that: “the Curricular Complementation Cycle of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy arises from the need to complete the academic training of many psychopedagogues with non-university higher level degrees, teachers in psychopedagogy or university-level psychopedagogues who had not finished his Bachelor’s Degree ”.

The Fasta University is a benchmark in the training of Graduates in Psychopedagogy both in Mar del Plata and in the area, and the vast majority of jobs in this field are filled by professionals who have graduated from this house of higher studies.

“We have had a face-to-face degree for more than 25 years, but we feel the need to respond to the request of the Academic Support Units around the country. Also at the request of us, the professionals who are practicing the profession and who know what measures are going to be taken in the future to incorporate graduates in the field of health, “added Markman.

Personally, the Dean of the Faculty of Cs. de la Educación has high expectations for this new academic offer offered by the Fasta University. “I believe that we have precisely come to respond to a demand, to give the possibility to many professionals who are in the area and that even with the new measure of the superintendency of not taking people who are not graduates, they have stopped practicing the profession.

So the expectations are high. The curriculum for this career is very innovative and interesting. We respect the prior training of all non-university graduates, and that is why the duration of the degree is only one year plus the final project ”, he concluded.

The Bachelor of Psychopedagogy will be prepared to:

Evaluate, diagnose, predict and treat capacities and abilities of men at different ages of life, both individually and in groups.

Address problems that arise at the institutional level, in the educational, clinical, disability, labor, forensic areas.

Carry out actions that enable the early detection of disturbances and / or anomalies in the learning process in order to carry out preventive action.

Implement research plans, programs and projects within the framework of institutional, group and individual processes.

Carry out research implementing methodologies, techniques and own resources in the different areas of their professional work that contribute to the psychopedagogical field.

UFASTA: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy – Cycle 2022

The FASTA University informs that the registrations of the first entry to the races offered under distance mode are open for April 2022.

Dictated through more than 90 Academic Support Units, UFASTA offers a wide academic offer and significant discounts on enrollment, for those who want to carry out their professional training under this modality.

The proposal includes the careers of Hygiene and Safety at Work, Auctioneer and Public Broker, Law, Citizen Security, English, the Bachelor of Education, Physical Education, Public Accountant, Human Resources, Tourism, Business Administration, SME Administration, Planning and Strategic Management of Educational Projects, Marketing, Journalism and the Degree in Religious Education.

Transmedia Design and Communication, Human Talent Management and Real Estate Brokerage, the Technical Degree in Citizen Security and the brand new Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy were also added.

Characterized by a humanistic and ethical-professional training, UFASTA’s academic proposal also includes more than 20 careers under a face-to-face study modality at its headquarters located in Mar del Plata and Tandil, aimed at the various professional profiles demanded by the professional market -working today.

One of the advantages of studying at a distance at UFASTA is the possibility that students are given to carry out internships, which allow the student to develop tasks related to their field of study, with certain flexibilities so that they do not neglect their studies.

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For more information, contact the Academic Support Unit UFASTA – IPAC (San Lorenzo 2236 Posadas) Tel. 0376 – 4422235 – Whats App +54 3764 742631. E-mail: [email protected]

UAA UFASTA Eldorado – IPAC (Av. San Martín 1817 Km 9 4th Floor Dto. G Building Los Alpes) – Eldorado. Tel. 03751 – 424072 – Whats App 3751635463. E-mail: [email protected]


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