The bride couldn’t stop watching the Golgappa stall at her wedding, then… (Watch Video)

New Delhi | Marraige Bride Virel Video : Golgappas sold on the streets of India are very famous all over the world. Be it Bollywood stars or common people, no one knows to stay away from its taste. Golgappa is called by different names in every part of the country, but there is no dearth of people who like it. Even during the Corona period, people in big cities like Golgappa would have gathered the same crowd after seeing the handcarts of Panipuri. Golgappas are generally kept in weddings also. One such video of a bride eating golgappa at a wedding ceremony is becoming increasingly viral.

Couldn’t stop myself from seeing the golgappa stall

Marraige Bride Virel Video : Usually the bride and groom are not able to reach the food stalls in weddings. Whatever goes to them on the plate, they remain limited in that. But if it goes viral, the bride in this video could not stop herself after seeing the stall of Golgappa and reached there. Then the bride went on eating several golgappas one after the other. The name of this bride crazy for golgappa is Mahima Aggarwal.

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Golgappa is also necessary if marriage will happen

Marraige Bride Virel Video : With this video, the bride has written in Instagram that marriage will continue to happen but Golgappa is also necessary. Mahima Aggarwal while putting this video said that maybe my husband did not know how much I like Golgappa. Now this video is making a splash in social media. Let us tell you that even before this, videos of the bride eating golgappa have gone viral on the internet. But the cuteness of the bride in this video makes her different from the rest of the videos.

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