The Caixa Econômica Federal competition for people with disabilities has 35 vacancies in Paraná

Vacancies are for new banking technicians, reinforcing the service at branches and in the bank's technology area. The remuneration is R$3,000.

Caixa Econômica Federal opened this Friday (10) an exclusive public contest for people with disabilities (PwD). There are more than a thousand vacancies for the position of banking technician throughout Brazil, and Paraná has 35 vacancies for an immediate hiring and another five for reserve registration. The initial remuneration is R$3,000.

Enrollment runs until September 27th and costs R$ 30.00. According to the notice, the race is scheduled to take place on October 31 in Curitiba, Cascavel, Ponta Grossa, Londrina and Maringá. Veja details are below.

The candidate can choose to work in the bank’s branch network or in the information technology (IT) area.


In addition to the remuneration of R$3,000, the contractors offer benefits, according to the competition’s notice.

  • Profit sharing;
  • Health insurance;
  • Complementary pension plan;
  • Meal and food assistance;
  • Transportation vouchers;
  • Childcare assistance;
  • Several training actions and opportunities for professional advancement and development.

With the new hires in this competition, Caixa Econômica Federal wants to increase the number of PwD employees. Currently, there are about 3.5 thousand employees with disabilities within the institution, 4.12% of the total number of workers.

Registration and exams

Registration must be made through the website

The contest will have the following steps:

  • objective evidence
  • writing test
  • Verification of the veracity of the self-declaration provided by black or brown candidates.
  • Analysis of the Medical Report by a Multiprofessional Team of the declared disability condition.
  • Admission procedures to prove compliance with the requirements and conditions necessary for hiring and Admission Medical Exams

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Distribution of vacancies in the country

The candidate must choose a pole (city) for classification and call-up purposes and also to choose the location where the tests will be held. This pole is linked to the respective Federation Unit. See below the distribution of vacancies by UFs:

  • Acre: 9 immediate
  • Alagoas: 12 immediate
  • Amazons: 28 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Amapá: 6 immediate
  • Bahia: 50 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Ceará: 35 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Federal District: 70 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Federal District – IT Hub: 100 immediate and 10 for registration
  • Holy Spirit: 10 immediate
  • Goiás: 30 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Maranhão: 10 immediate
  • Minas Gerais: 50 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: 15 immediate
  • Mato Grosso: 20 immediate
  • Pará: 35 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Paraíba: 6 immediate
  • Pernambuco: 40 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Piauí: 10 immediate
  • Paraná: 35 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Rio de Janeiro: 85 immediate and 11 for registration
  • Rio Grande do Norte: 10 immediate
  • Rondônia: 12 immediate
  • Roraima: 6 immediate
  • Rio Grande do Sul: 55 immediate and 7 for registration
  • Sergipe: 42 immediate and 5 for registration
  • Santa Catarina: 6 immediate
  • São Paulo: 207 immediate and 22 for registration
  • Tocantins: 6 immediate


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