The classics, Boca’s great debt in this Professional League, find out how it went

Last night’s loss to Independent not only did it involve a misstep for Boca Juniors in the race to earn a place for the Libertadores Cup 2022 through the annual table, but also closed the round of the classics in which he could not be victorious in any game.

The numbers are clear. In the review of the matches of this size in the Professional League, Xeneize could not win any: they lost with San Lorenzo, River and Red, and did not go beyond the draw at zero against Racing.

the classics
The expulsion of Marcos Rojo in the fall against River Plate by 2 to 1.

Beyond the asterisk that must be done in the duel against him Cyclone on The Bombonera, where Sebastian Battaglia temporarily led a team full of youths before the isolation of the campus of First when returning from Belo Horizonte, analyzing the rest of the classics, all already with the Lion as fixed DT, Mouth showed an opaque version.

the classics
Boca lost to San Lorenzo 2-0.

After 0-2 ante San Lorenzo, the Xeneize he saw the faces with Racing on date 9, also as a local, and although he handled the ball and was the one who tried the most, he could not find the ways to break equality. Some weeks later, he traveled to Monumental and suffered before a River clearly superior. It is true that the early expulsion of Marcos Rojo conditioned the team, but it is also true that the performance of the team as a whole riverbank he was probably one of the poorest of the entire championship.

the classics
Boca equaled without goals against Racing.

The negative cycle of classics had its closure last night in Avellaneda. After a first round trip, in which he had several chances to even things out, Mouth he lowered the level and did not find a way to defeat Independiente. Thus, for the seventh time in its history, it completed a tournament without victories against the so-called greats.

the classics
The last classic that Boca played was against Independiente, a match that ended with a 1-0 defeat.

The results of Boca Juniors against the classics in the Professional League

Date 3: Boca 0 – 2 San Lorenzo

Date 9: Boca 0 – 0 Racing

Date 14: River 2- 1 Boca

Date 22: Independent 1- Mouth 0

The last tournament in which Boca had not won any classic

The most recent antecedent to a championship without victories in classics had been in the Final Tournament 2013, under the technical direction of Carlos Bianchi. Back then Mouth lost 2-0 with Racing, 3-0 with San Lorenzo and drew 1-1 both with River as with Independent.

SOURCE: TyC Sports.

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