The daily quota of people entering the province be expanded to 1600?

Taking into account the optimal conditions of the health system with respect to the epidemiological situation, in the context of the global coronavirus pandemic, the provincial government asked the Nation to increase the number of the daily admission quota to Misiones.

The province has three authorized safe corridors, Posadas-Encarnación, Iguazú-Foz and Bernardo de Irigoyen-Dionisio Cerqueira. Taking into account that there are sufficient human resources and adequate logistical structure to carry out the health prevention and control procedures, they request that the daily admission quota to Misiones be extended to 1600 people.

Currently, only 890 people a day are allowed to enter Argentina. However, considering that the current context allows it, the ministerial secretaries of Government and Public Health of Misiones requested through Resolution 690/3481 the expansion of this number to avoid situations of stranded people.

Yesterday, according to the head of the Itapúa Control Post, Blaz Arzamendia, approximately 70 vehicles were left on standby at the Posadas-Encarnación border crossing, until it was enabled again.

“At 7:00 p.m. we had communication with Migrations Argentina, there it was noticed that we were reaching the quota established by the health protocol of 890 people. There they proceeded to close until 00 “, he said.

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Likewise, he indicated that some people who were waiting there were upset by the regulations in force and waited on the bridge in front of Argentine Migrations, while others decided to return to the city of Encarnación. He also announced that the Paraguayan authorities will begin conversations to review the protocols and consider “even some exceptions” such as flights, illnesses or family situations.

daily admission quota to Misiones
Request to Nation

On Sunday, for the first time, the income quota for the country was reached since the reopening of the Roque González de Santa Cruz International Bridge. After midnight, the people stranded on the Paraguayan side were able to return to Argentina.

Given these circumstances, provincial authorities raised the request to the Nation, signed by the Minister of Public Health of the province, Oscar Alarcón and Marcelo Pérez, Minister of Government, so that the daily entry quota to Misiones is extended to 1600 people in all the safe corridors enabled and the next to be enabled.

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