The dangers of raising the spending limit

The Election Commission has increased the limit of election expenditure ahead of the assembly elections to be held in five states. Now in big states, the candidate of Lok Sabha will be able to spend Rs 90 lakh and the candidate of Vidhan Sabha will be able to spend Rs 40 lakh. For small states, the expenditure limit in the Lok Sabha will be Rs 75 lakh and in the Vidhan Sabha it will be Rs 28 lakh. Think, what has the Election Commission thought of increasing the expenditure limit of a Lok Sabha candidate from 70 to 90 lakh? For the last two years, the national income of the country has stagnated or is negative. The income of the common people has decreased instead of increasing. Then by what logic has the election expenditure limit been increased at this time? The old 70 lakh limit was also a lot, but raising it to 90 lakh will further reduce the chances of common people contesting elections. Election Commission assembly elections

It is true that the election expenditure has increased, but shouldn’t the Election Commission take measures to keep that expenditure within a limit? And if the expenditure limit is being increased, should not the government or the Commission take measures to provide for contesting elections to ensure a level playing field for all? Has the Election Commission noticed that election expenditure has increased or people are spending a lot in elections, so the limit on election expenditure should be increased? Or the Commission has seen this figure that now many times more crorepatis have started reaching the Lok Sabha than before, so the limit of election expenditure should be increased? Many organizations have assessed that the chances of winning the election of crorepati candidates are many times higher than that of millionaire candidates. The commission should stop this, or else the parliament will become a club of millionaires, billionaires, where they will make policies for the trillionaires and not for the common people.

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