The deceased are present… the act of Bihar Police will not stop laughing…

Bhojpur | Bihar Police News : It is said that once he has gone, he never comes back. But if the caller is the Bihar Police, then it can also bring the accused from heaven. This claim is not being made by us but by the Bihar Police itself. Bihar Police is continuously pasting advertisements and is looking for the deceased accused. Bihar Police wants to force the accused who has gone to heaven at any cost to appear in the court. This is the reason that for the last two months, Bihar Police has been pasting advertisements outside the house of a person who has gone to heaven. Now the matter is catching up on social media as well. People are fiercely cursing the administration for this careless step of Bihar Police.

Right Or Wrong Rajasthan :

what is the matter

Bihar Police News : This whole matter is being told of Bhojpur district of Bihar. In Badki Sanadiya village in Mufassil police station area, the police is continuously pasting advertisements to make the dead person appear in the court. Now let us also tell you that the person for whom the Bihar Police is posting advertisements has already died 2 years ago. Even after this, the police issued a warrant in the name of the deceased and even pasted the advertisement outside his house.

The limit was reached when..

Bihar Police News : Even after doing this, the Bihar Police did not deter from its negligence. The extent was reached when instead of the deceased’s house, the police went to the neighbor’s house by pasting advertisements. When the matter was raised in the media, the case in-charge clarified and admitted that we had made a mistake. He said that even the watchman does not know whether the accused is alive or dead.

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