The Diploma in Sports Promotion will be virtually dictated for the Castellanos Department

There will be sub-offices in the towns of Ataliva, Humberto I and Josefina.

The National University of Rafaela (UNRaf) , from a joint work with the provincial senator Alcides Calvo, will dictate the Diploma in Sports Promotion in the Castellanos department, with sub-offices in the towns of Ataliva, Humberto I and Josefina respectively, in order to train people who develop different sports activities.

To advance in this sense, a virtual meeting was held in which the dean of the Faculty of Society, State and Government of UNRaf María Cecilia Gutiérrez, the director of the diploma Matías Massari and the teacher Juan Ignacio Ruggia participated with representatives of the Commune of Ataliva, the Commune of Josefina and the Argentino Football Club of Humberto I.

As detailed from the university, the diploma represents a free professionalization opportunity for private citizens, clubs, state institutions and other organizations that promote physical activity and sports disciplines in their social and competitive functions, both at grassroots and high-performance levels. . Among the objectives of the diploma is training in the management of sports actions and events, focused on promoting sport as a strong element of development and social integration.

The Diploma in Sports Promotion Alcides Calvo Press will be given virtually in the Castellanos department

In this regard, Senator Alcides Calvo positively valued “the work of UNRaf, which as a public university offers training that broadens and diversifies its educational offer according to the reality and needs of our territory; We hope that there will be many interested in accessing this new free proposal ”.

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The course will be totally under virtual modality on Tuesdays in the afternoon. The institutions that will act as sub-branches will sign an agreement with the university, committing themselves as collaborators to have a physical space and adequate Internet connection, in the event that someone from the locality wishes to take it and does not have the means.

For more information about the registrations, those interested can contact the institutions that will function as sub-offices: Comuna de Ataliva, Comuna de Josefina and Argentino Football Club de Humberto I.

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