The director had talked to Priyanka Chopra about showing her underwear

It takes a long time to become a famous actress from a common girl. Famous actress Priyanka Chopra, who has earned a name from Bollywood to Hollywood, has defeated everyone with her work. Following is seen not only in India but also abroad. Priyanka Chopra has also married American singer Nick Jonas and after marriage, she mostly stays in America. Some time ago Priyanka (Priyanka Chopra) married her A book Unfinished was launched about professional life, in which he told many stories related to personal life, let’s know ..

Priyanka Chopra revealed that a director had even demanded to show her underwear, after hearing which the actress herself was completely in words, she told about this where the director of a film wanted Priyanka to wear such clothes so that her 3 too. The marks were seen and he had also heard the director saying that the underwear should be seen or else the audience would not come after the audition and after hearing this, Priyanka left the project immediately, if the news is to be believed, then the director did so. Said because he had to shoot a seductive song of Priyanka ..

The song was such that she had to remove her clothes one by one but Priyanka is not ready for this, she told the director that she does not want to show her skin, then the director told her that the underwear should be seen or else the audience would not come to hear it. After Priyanka leaves the project, during that time Priyanka was also working in some other film and in this film her opposite Salman Khan and when Salman came to know about this sentence, he reached her set to meet the director. Either he does not know what the director talked to him, but after that the director’s expressions had gone down.

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