The earth will melt, it will be poisonous!

Such a possibility is in continuation of 2021. The Mahadasha of Mahakal is intended to transform the earth in the third decade starting from the twenty-first century and the year twenty-one. Think, the experience of 2021. Glaciers melted. The weather was unseasonal. Death happened forever. Earth too sick and man too sick! The air is blazing with fire, while simultaneously spreading toxic bacteria, viruses. It seems as if the destruction of the earth and nature is injected by man, while nature is killing man with disasters. It is not surprising that in the year 2021, while traveling in space, man realized that it is better to live in the sky than on earth! What is it like to be really safe on earth now? The earth will melt

Is America, Europe, Japan, China, Australia safe on the developed land? Is it safe to live in South Africa, Brazil, India? Man’s Panchtara Sarai is equally vulnerable to the virus, as much as the cave of the ancient man must have been! Nature and man compete to wreak havoc on each other in both calamity and calamity! Such storms, such cyclones, fiery ground, shivering cold and unseasonal extreme rain or extreme drought everywhere, everywhere. Haven’t the earth and nature become or is becoming extreme? And is it not because of human being extremist?

Only then in the year 2022, humans will have to worry more about the earth. Because the crisis of the earth is of melting, of melting, of burning, of drowning and finally of drying up and becoming lifeless. There is something that in 2021 the question remains in the mind and heart of man that how long will the earth be alive? Will the age of the millennium reach that stage in the next fifty-hundred years, which suddenly turns into old age and death?

Consider and in the year 2022 and the coming years we will have to continue doing this, Ihloka or the life of the earth! Can a man save his life? Humanity thought a lot on this in the year 2021 and is thinking continuously. It is also fortunate that the new President of America, Joe Biden, took a resolution in 2021. The European-rich-powerful countries together decided that now they will care for the earth. you will improve yourself.

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Climate change flood drought

But what can a man do to improve? What could be that ecological hostage of nature, what follows it? He flies and has also made a roadmap to establish a human settlement in the flying universe. Searching for its new planet in the planetary constellations. Looking for living beings like himself in the planets. Building a space station. From there he will explore the new earth.

So what first? Will the earth end first or will the new earth be formed before humans?

The question of the year 2022 is that if the wind has decided, viruses are formed and spread, then in the great war of nature versus man, what human beings will not have dealt with before?… On the other hand, he was dying in the formless air, virus and calamities.

It is obvious that the present time and the time of its Mahadasha (which is not known for how many years) is going to take a decisive test of man’s intelligence, his knowledge and science. The whirlwind of air created in the year 2020, which created the orgy of death in 2021 and the symptoms of the year 2022 are also forcing one to think that what is good in the bus of human beings? We have to be something!

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