The EPET N ° 3 “Poland” of the city of Oberá presented its classic Technical Expo

Families and neighbors enjoyed and learned from what was exposed at the EPET N ° 3 Technical Expo in the town of Oberá, which is located between Maipú, Bárbaro, Uruguay and Chacabuco streets.

On Technical Education Day, they ensure that students graduate “prepared to think together with companies about the productive course of Misiones”

Gilson Berger, Undersecretary of Professional Technical Education for Misiones on Technical Education Day, assured that this modality offers missionary students “the possibility of having the same job opportunities as those in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Córdoba.”

Technical professional education is an educational modality with its own law, sanctioned in 2005. It is made up of three levels: the Secondary Level, the Professional Training and the Non-University Higher Technical Institutes.

In the province of Misiones there are eighty technical secondary schools, public or privately managed, which offer fourteen specialties, including Agriculture, Electromechanics, Computer Science, Master of Construction, Chemistry, Wood Industry, Renewable Energies and Agricultural Mechanization.

“Each institution, depending on its location, defined which of these specialties were most pertinent to be addressed,” explained the undersecretary.

Larger and more experienced schools such as EPET No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 15 usually have several options.

The colleges require a six-year course, against the shift. In addition to all the theoretical subjects, the student must attend the workshops to put what they have learned into practice.

Berger assured “the technicians of the Middle Level graduate from the schools with degrees that have professional competence.”

Regarding the number of students who can access university careers, the official stated that only 10% do so after finishing high school.

“Of course we encourage our graduates to continue with undergraduate training, but there are still very few people who can do this, that is why this modality is so important,” he said. “They receive from the school prepared to undertake, to think together with the companies the productive course of Misiones,” he added.

Regarding the programs that link the EPETs with the companies, she explained “one of them is the Tax Credit, the companies provide resources for the schools to acquire certain equipment and they are given a tax bond from the AFIP. The most important thing is that the student carries out his internships in these companies and an important articulation is generated at the labor level. “

Not only is there a national legislation that governs this type of education, but since 2013 the “Law for Strengthening Secondary Professional Technical Education and Creation of Professional Technical Establishments in the Province” was incorporated.

It indicates that by 2023 each municipality must have this type of offer. Berger pointed out that “that is the objective, more than 55 municipalities already have it, in the case of smaller towns with fewer students, there are schools that cover the departmental need through attached classrooms.”

“From the Ministry of Education with funds from the INET, we take care of equipping the workshops. During 2021 we have delivered equipment to more than 50 technical schools ensuring that students can access the technological tools that prepare them for the world of work, “he explained.

Apprenticeships are taught in the Vocational Training Centers, in mobile workshops that run throughout the Province and also in certain technical schools. The courses usually last a semester and have a quick job exit.

Regarding Non-University Tertiary Education as a training option, the undersecretary commented “there is a lot of supply and demand, it allows that graduated from technical secondary school who, perhaps must work while studying, have a very interesting and high-quality option educational ”.

“There are pending tasks that we must articulate with the university,” he said. “For example, it would be good for a Computer Science Technician to be able to study Computer Engineering and for the subjects taken to be recognized.”

“In communication and cooperation with universities, with companies, with workers, we must carry out a review of our curricular designs and the profiles that we are offering, to ensure that we are providing what Misiones requires,” he stated.

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