The evaluation process of the priority contents in Misiones began

This evaluation process began today and will end tomorrow. Fifty schools from the primary level participate along with another 50 from the secondary level, selected randomly, explained the undersecretary of the Ministry of Education of Misiones, Rosana Cielo Linares placeholder image and, he clarified that both public and private management establishments were selected.

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“We are looking to see what the learning achievements were during this time of pandemic; From the outset, we are not going for the deficit but for what has been achieved ”, advancement. Based on the results of these provincial tests, we will proceed to determine what content should be prioritized in the educational curriculum in the next school year 2022.

Assessments are given to students in the 4th grade at the primary level and the 3rd grade at the secondary level. Linares explained that these tests will seek to clarify “What is missing in teaching and where should the focus be placed?”, In the 2022 school year.

This type of test is not standardized, but it does include a series of questions based on the content dictated in the province. “For us, this process is historical and has a special relevance because it refers to a procedure that we design and continually validate with teams of supervisors and managers “, said the undersecretary.

On the other hand, he highlighted that the provinces of Jujuy and Río Negro also apply this type of measurement in their educational establishments. He also explained that the importance of carrying out these evaluations lies in the fact that it yields more precise and concrete results, since “it is validated by the actors of the educational system “.

evaluation of priority content in Misiones

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evaluation of priority content in Misiones

“We are looking for something more specific and provincial, to know what are the knowledge that we consider the boys reached and strengthen”, he added about the objectives of these evaluations. In this sense, Linares highlighted that teachers are part of the process of construction of this evaluation modality.

Regarding the results of these evaluations, he explained that next week the envelopes with the forms will be collected, the responses of which will be uploaded to the Guacurarí platform. The data entry will be validated by an external team and then analyzed together. Finally, the results are expected to be obtained for the second half of December.

Linares commented that based on what was obtained, the work guidelines and hierarchy of curricular content will be drawn up for 2022. “We will be able to see what we have to focus on in the continuous training process of teachers, to see how we can accompany them within this exceptional time that continues to be the pandemic”added.

Regarding the work carried out in 2021, he highlighted the importance of the Guacurarí system since it “It allowed to generate a series of guidance materials for teaching”, which were very useful for teachers and students. “In open classrooms you can access different teaching moderator proposals by levels “the undersecretary recalled.

evaluation of priority content in Misiones

The Guacurarí platform also has 10 self-assisted teacher training courses. Linares remarked that there was one specialized in Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI) content, and another in dealing with drug use issues. “These have resolutions with the assessment of the Ministry, and it is a modality that is carried out at the federal level where the teacher performs them according to their time”added.

In addition to this, he commented that on the page there is a link called “Connect for Equality” that enables access to educational materials on CSE, addressing problematic situations and the prevention of substance use and abuse. “This allows the teacher, the student and the families to see how they can proceed in these situations, from a situation of harassment to one of suicide ”, he claimed.

Ultimately, he stressed that the most important thing is to build knowledge to improve decision-making about the educational system.

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