The FAE Institute presents the Nursing Assistant professional training course

This course of the FAE Institute, takes the Nursing Assistant as the health professional who is part of the interdisciplinary health team, in charge of providing auxiliary care to the patient and acting on the health conditions of their environment, under the supervision of the professional nurse or doctor. It can provide comprehensive care and minimal care to individuals, families and the community throughout the life cycle, in the aspects of health promotion, education, prevention, cure, recovery and rehabilitation of diseases under control and supervision of the level professional within the framework of current legislation.

This course of the FAE Institute trains professionals to perform in the care and assistance of patients, promotes actions in the orientation and preparation of patients for medical examinations and studies, and performs curative and palliative care. At the end of the course, the student will be able to work in nursing homes, health centers, home care, clinics and sanatoriums.

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As for the occupational area of ​​the Nursing Assistant, it is defined in the field of health, in which the professional may exercise their activity both in the private sector, such as in clinics, sanatoriums and institutes, and also in the public sector , such as public, provincial, national or municipal hospitals or primary health care centers.

This course of the FAE Institute, which lasts 8 months, is endorsed by the SPEPM, under provision No. 220 dated September 14, 2021. Classes begin in the month of March 2022 in person at the classrooms of the Institute, located in calle San Luis 1793 2nd floor of the City of Posadas.

The places for the inscriptions of this course of the FAE Institute are limited and the consultations can be made to WhatsApp 3764 902806, during the hours of attention of 08: 00hs to 20: 00hs in a row or in person.

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