The FAE Institute received the Certificate of good sustainable practices from the Municipality of the city of Posadas

The delivery of the Certificate of good sustainable practices was for being part of the Municipal Network of Sustainable Institutions that is carried out by the Coordination Unit of the University agency and Management of educational programs and the municipality green center, of the municipality of the City of Posadas.

FAE Institute: About the Certificate of Good Sustainable Practices

This Certification received is part of the adhesion and cooperation by the FAE Institute to a State Policy carried out by the Municipality of Posadas in the project called “Municipal Network of Sustainable Institutions”, a project whose fundamental axis is sustainable urban development. and whose objective is to promote the creation and consolidation of a network of institutions of the City of Posadas that commit and join different processes that generate habits and good environmental practices.

The intention is that through educational centers the participation of students is encouraged and sought in such important issues as caring for the environment.

Mr. Balustra stated that: “the policies implemented by the municipality such as the Urban Forest Plan, the Comprehensive Urban Solid Waste Management, the Alberto Roth Biopark Project and the Alberto Roth Botanical Garden, give a clear example of where the City of Posadas should go in terms of to environmental policies, and in this it is fundamental and essential the commitment and participation of young people, of the generations to come, and one of the ways to reach them with the message is through educational institutes and their teachers ” .

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