The FASTA University held in Posadas the event of collation of its graduates from the NEA Region

During the afternoon of this Friday, November 19, the Misionerita Hall of the Hotel Continental in the city of Posadas became the setting for the collation ceremony of the FASTA University, of the careers corresponding to the faculties of Engineering, Economic Sciences, Legal Sciences and Social, Journalism and Communication and Education Sciences.

The event was organized by the team of the Instituto Privado de Alta Capacitación (IPAC), which is the Academic Support Unit of the FASTA University in Misiones, and was attended by graduates from different locations in the region, who were able to finish their career with a distance modality.

The conference was widely called and was divided into two stages. In them, the oaths were given, the awarding and imposition of scholarships were made to 52 graduates, arriving from Formosa, Chaco, Corrientes, Misiones and Entre Ríos.

There are students who completed their entire career in a pandemic and today they receive the title. They have endured many crises, they have faced many conflicts, problems with connectivity, and today this is the biggest prize they win, because they have won a race of endurance and a test of resilience.Dr. Claudio Rodriguez Agüero, Institutional Director of IPAC and Coordinator of the UFASTA Posadas Academic Support Unit

It is worth noting that the Academic Table for the collation ceremony was made up of the Secretary of Distance Education of the University, Lic. Matías Castro Videla, the Rector of IPAC, Prof. Esp. María del Pilar Fiorino, the Coordinator of the UFASTA Posadas Academic Support Unit, Dr. Claudio Rodríguez Agüero and the Coordinator of the UFASTA Eldorado, Martillero and National Public Corridor Academic Support Unit, Juan Alberto Butvilofsky.

“Within our university philosophy is working with the person. Technology is a means, and we use it to transmit knowledge, so that they are trained in professional skills, but we aim for contact from the local (…) The permanence of students in our system has to do with the sense of belonging ” Lic. Matías Castro Videla, Secretary of Distance Education of the FASTA University.

The ceremony also featured some moving words addressed to the graduates by the Secretary of Distance Education of the FASTA University, Lic. Matías Castro Videla.

In the place, the authorities recognized the happy graduates for their commitment and dedication, and thanked them for having trusted in the broad and serious educational proposal that they provide year after year.

“Our special thanks to the FASTA University for choosing the province of Misiones and IPAC as host for such an important event for graduates from the Northeast of Argentina and the Litoral, where we have more than 9,000 students” Prof. Tec. Sup. Sara Sofía Filipoff, Academic and Administrative Coordinator of IPAC Eldorado.

About IPAC and FASTA University

The Private High Training Institute (IPAC) based in Posadas and Eldorado, is the Distance Education Academic Support Unit of the FASTA University (Fraternity of Santo Tomás de Aquino Groups) in Misiones.

It has cycles of articulation with Bachelor’s degrees of one and a half years, University Techniques and Full-Cycle Degree Programs.

This prestigious High House of Studies offers more than 17 degrees with different orientations and duration. It is noteworthy that they are approved with their respective resolution of the Ministry of Education of the Nation (CONEAU) and are published on the website.

For more information, contact the IPAC Headquarters (San Lorenzo 2236 Posadas) Tel. 0376 – 4422235 – WhatsApp +54 3764 742631 and Eldorado Headquarters (Av. San Martín 1817 Km 9 4th Floor Dto. G Los Alpes Building) – Eldorado . Tel. 03751 – 424072 – WhatsApp 3751635463

E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

Facebook: Fasta University in Misiones

Instagram: @ufastaenmisiones

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