The filmmaker did not like Priyanka Chopra’s figure, did such a thing

Priyanka Chopra: Although there are many actresses in Bollywood who have earned their name in Bollywood as well as Hollywood, but Priyanka Chopra, who has become an international star, is such a beauty whose figure and looks everyone sees her (Priyanka Chopra). He starts running behind, he has got a lot of discussion through his looks and work. At the same time, recently she (Priyanka Chopra) has also made her memoir. Which she is going to launch today i.e. on February 9. Earlier, he released it as a teaser audio book from his Instagrammer handle.

Recently, an old video of Priyanka is going viral in which Priyanka tells that a director had a problem with my breast and that director had also advised her to undergo breast surgery. In 2000, when I kept the crown of Miss World on my head, I did not have any shortage, but the director of the film disappointed me by saying such a thing and I left that film, I was starting my career but the director gave her breast surgery. Asked to get it done as well as asked him to get it fixed as well.

Priyanka was starting her career at that time and after hearing such a thing on the direct, she got into thinking when she said many times that I am fine as I am, I do not want to do breast surgery, then she said that I have returned many actresses. Going home, I have seen that you should not talk nonsense, I am not you now. Priyanka also revealed that her manager was also present with her at that time and her manager also agreed with the director’s point of view.

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