The fire was heating up, the 4-year-old innocent, the villagers caught the rapist red handed…

Kannauj. UP Kannauj Rape : A case of raping a 4-year-old girl has come to light from Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh. It has been told that the villagers had seen the accused while raping the girl. After which the villagers beat up the accused fiercely. But then someone informed the police about this matter. After which the police arrested the accused youth and took him with him. Even after this, the villagers kept demanding to hand over the accused to them. After explaining for a long time, the villagers agreed and returned to their home. However, for this the police had to assure the villagers that the accused would not be spared and would get the harshest punishment.

UP Kannauj Rape :

The girl was heating fire outside the house

UP Kannauj Rape : The girl’s parents say that she was heating a fire outside the house. She also had her mother with her, but as soon as she went inside to cook dinner, the young man took her with him. When the child was not found when she came out, the mother started making noise. After which the villagers started searching for the girl together. As soon as they saw the accused youth doing dirty work with the girl red handed from the farm side of the village. After which the villagers thrashed the accused youth and later handed him over to the police.

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Medical test of the victim girl

UP Kannauj Rape : Taking information about this whole matter, Kannauj Rural SP Prashant Verma said that the matter is serious. He said that the victim’s medical test has been done and after the report comes, further action will be initiated. He said that the accused youth has been arrested and he is being questioned strictly. The SP said that the accused was not from the village but had come to a relative’s house as a guest. He said that the house where he had come as a guest has also demanded strict punishment after being proved by the allegation.

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