The Guaraní Club was closed due to the use of fireworks with high sound impact

The Guaraní Club closed

Prior to the sports day that took place yesterday on the Club court, in which Guaraní Antonio Franco fought against Miter, the residents of the area denounced the use of pyrotechnics.

Juan Pablo Ramírez – Freedom

The Secretary of Government pointed out “we opted, preventively, before a day or event of these characteristics, added to the complaints of the neighbors, to carry out an inspection to remember that this ordinance that has been sanctioned and regulated last year is in force.”

He assured that the municipal work team approached the sports facilities to carry out the corresponding inspection. Then, they wrote a notification ballot on the validity of the Posadas Libre Ordinance of High Sound Impact Pyrotechnics.

Due to the neighborhood complaints registered through the telephone number to notify annoying noises, and the verification by the inspectors of the Environment area and the Municipality’s Community Control Directorate, “the use of high-impact pyrotechnics was determined In response to which, they proceeded to draw up acts of infringement and preventive closure after the end of the sporting event, ”he explained.

The proceedings were then sent to the Court of Misdemeanors who will determine the maintenance or cessation of the closure.

On the other hand, he referred to the possibility that soccer fans could make caravans on the Costanera after the game between River and Racing that will be played today and reminded citizens that the use of high-impact pyrotechnics is prohibited in the locality, therefore the ordinance provides a sanction in the case of its use.

“The objective of the regulation is to avoid damage to people, animals and the environment,” he indicated and emphasized that “The awareness of the population, entities such as clubs or organizers of cultural events is essential.”

“Its use is only allowed with prior authorization from the Municipality, who determines the space where these elements can be manipulated in a controlled and responsible manner without damaging health or the environment,” he added.

Coastal Festival

Finally, the Secretary of Government of the Municipality of Posadas confirmed that the Festival de la Música del Litoral will be held between December 3 and 5 and said that the Manuel Antonio Ramírez Amphitheater was remodeled to be able to celebrate this activity.

“We will be premiering this new work aimed at the safety and inclusion of people,” he said.

The renovations were carried out in the grandstand, stage and lighting sector. In addition, ramps were built for the accessibility of the disabled and the toilets were fixed. “Once this event is over, the works will continue.”

“There was a great enhancement of the Amphitheater, hoping that the day will be very successful,” he concluded.

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