The Inspirational Life of Mahendra Shrivastava

Do you ever give your all at doing a thing with the hope of getting acknowledged for doing so? Don’t you ever just want to get recognition for every ounce of effort that you put into doing a thing? But are you holding yourself because you think no one gets it all for their efforts?

While this may be right up to an extent, the life of Mahendra Shrivastava tells otherwise. Mahendra is one of the rare experts in India who has spent more than 21 years in this field of work doing what he does best and always upskilling himself.

Like any other successful fresher in any industry, Mahendra also had humble beginnings. But what made him different from the rest is his curiosity to learn. With his ability to learn, he has become an expert in working in different fields of work. Some of these fields include:

1. Investigations
2. Risk Assessments
3. Anti-counterfeiting strategy forming
4. Business and Entrepreneurial Consultations
5. Anti-fraud investigations
6. Corporate security provisional consultations

Even if seen with a vague look, these are a lot of fields to have experience working in. The bigger thing is that this is not even the end. Not only is Mahendra now considered a professional in all of these work fields, but he has also been awarded for his efforts.

As of now, Mahendra is working as the acting director of SRA Legal and Risk Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a law firm. Along with that, Mahendra is also the founding member of the venture Verify India. Mahendra’s role in both of these ventures is very essential and therefore, makes him an important entity with a considerable net worth.

Other than these work fields, Mahendra is also renowned as an IPR attorney. His main work expertise as an IPR attorney was in Trademark copyright and patent services. Khajuraho International Film Festival jury has nominated Mr Mahendra Shrivastava for Business Excellence Award 2020. Mr Rajesh Sharma MD NARMADA HEALTH CARE PVT LTD felicitated Mr Mahendra at the Festival. Mr. Mahendra is also running NGO for Environment and Green (Save Foundation).

Mahendra has spent a lot of time working in his field of work and giving this best every day. For his efforts, he has been acknowledged with many awards and accolades from many renowned institutes. Some of the most renowned awards, accolades, and acts of acknowledgment include:

Best Leadership Award in the field of Investigation in 2019.
Award for Intelligence Management at the Global Security Leadership Summit in 2018.
Offer of membership by The World Association of Detectives or WAD-USA, which he accepted whole-heartedly.
Mahendra is also acting as the President of the Association of Private Detective and Investigator- MP chapter or more commonly known as APDI.
Offer for Membership of the Professional Back Ground Screening Association-Asia Pacific Member- USA, PBSA.
Best Entrepreneur and Excellence Award of 2019 by MyFM

The learning capability of Mahendra provided him with many tags. Some of these included an entrepreneur, Dreamer, Community Volunteer, Lawyer, creative, Social Media Enthusiast, and an Interactive Marketer as well.

As of now, with the amount of experience that he has working in the field, Mahendra is now aiming to help as many startups as he can. Mahendra wants to innovate the start-up industry of India and is doing his best to do so.

Any time that Mahendra gets off of his working days, he spends on helping start-ups. This shows how good of an entrepreneurial spirit he consists of. The main reason that start-ups consider his advice is because of his expertise in:

Background Verification
Investigation and Business Intelligence
Criminal Investigations
Personal matter handling
Survey Management
Economical Offence management

All of these can help any business in making their business processes better and more efficient.

Mahendra is also a successful political strategist and IPR attorney. As a public servant, he has also the venture that goes by the name Bharat ki Aawazz.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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