The largest virtual cell phone museum opens: more than 2,000 models and the oldest are almost 40 years old

Cell phones with a cap, wireless phones although with long antennas, many that include physical keys and some that hardly resemble what we now think of as a smartphone. These and other variants are part of the recently opened Mobile Phone Museum, a catalog that brings together vintage mobile devices and that proposes “Celebrate history” of this industry, as one of the organizers pointed out.

It was officially inaugurated in an exhibition in the London neighborhood of Soho and with the sponsorship of Vodafone, this virtual museum includes high resolution images of discontinued devices, as well as Technical specifications and additional information on their designs, developments and releases.

Organizers of the show say it aims to
Organizers of the show say it aims to “celebrate the history of mobile phones.”

How to visit the Mobile Phone Museum

It should be noted that the tour is virtual; In other words, it is not a museum with doors to the street, but a exposition on-line accessible from any browser. It is accessed through:

The promoter of the project commented that the objective of the museum is “Educate the next generation of telecommunications industry professionals who will shape the mobile phones of the future”. Something like a rear view mirror for those who look to tomorrow.

A museum with categories: the ugliest, the best sellers and those that appeared in movies

In addition to the extensive information offered by the Mobile Phone Museum, perhaps its most interesting feature is in the categorization. Phones can be browsed by Mark, by release date or by cell type, for example, those with a cover, those with a QWERTY keyboard or those with a PDA type.

But there is also a section in the catalog called “Collection” in which there are categories such as “The ugliest”, “the best sellers”, “those that appeared in movies” and those that belonged to a luxury segment.

Among the best sellers are the Motorola Razr and Nokia 3310, and in the list of the ugliest we find variants with very strange shapes, such as the Nokia 7600 or the Samsung S5150 Diva.

The list of ugly models, in the virtual cell phone museum.
The list of ugly models, in the virtual museum of cell phones.

There is also a space for industry pioneers, where we find equipment that dates back to the mid-1980s. At that time, it was several years until, in 2007, Steve Jobs announced the first smartphone proper, the iPhone that opened the way to the battalion of pure screen phones, with applications and Internet connection.

The Computer Museum of Argentina reopens its doors with «SpySpace»: a free virtual tour

The Computer Museum of Argentina, Located in Buenos Aires since 2010, it is the most important in Latin America and, like all cultural spaces, it had to limit its face-to-face visits in the context of the pandemic. It’s found equipped with cryptographers, cameras and various spy equipment used during World War I and II, as well as in the Cold War.

computer museum
This is how the virtual tour of the Computer Museum of Argentina looks like.

In order to reverse this situation, they implemented innovative on its website a new agile, intuitive and dynamic route so that now any user, from anywhere in the world, can know and access all these inventions, as well as their history and usefulness.

Designated «SpySpace » shows the evolution of technology and increasingly sophisticated equipment over the years, based on the combination of art and science to generate undetectable messages. This experience allows know the secrets of the algorithms, devices and instruments developed by man for espionage.

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