The mite of the 21st and India!

The continuous weakening and disrepair of the body and the country with mites is the truth of the experience of both man and history. Only then keep notes, the year 2021-22 will be remembered as India’s most scary-false year. In the year 2021, India has been hit by two such termites of virus and lies, due to which we will be constantly hollow in the coming decades. Will pass through African countries too. Only then if 75 years of independence is called the nectar year of future ruin, then it will not be wrong.

In the year 2021, India was not only attacked by corona virus, but it is injured by many types of viruses. The reason for this happening is that we did not face the crisis-problems with honesty, truthfulness, responsibility-responsibility. In the year 2021, we have lost a lot in lies, dishonesty, irresponsibility, carelessness and stupidity. The system, practices are all corrupt and denying the truth. There is a virus but will deny it. The economy has dried up but will tell that it is thriving. China’s army is occupying the land but will tell that everything is well! Pakistan-Talibani ghosts are out of the bottle but will create a narrative in the public that see both of them ruined! Unemployment, inflation, illiteracy, superstition, most citizens are suffering and life is drying up, but to confuse people by saying that if Narendra Modi was not there, then what would have happened!… Means then India would have died of virus. People starve. Pakistan would have been ruling Delhi. China would have eaten India by now.

So whatever it is, life and the country have been mites, yet it is alive because Narendra Modi is there!

Yes, bankrupt subjects to such an extent that the country is alive because of Narendra Modi! If they are, then 80 crore people are getting five kilograms of food grains. Despite the death of lakhs of people and destruction of crores of people, there is movement of the people, then the reason is Narendra Modi. Had it not been for Narendra Modi, Hindus would have been destroyed by Pakistan, China, Muslims, Corona virus! They were made slaves just like they were before independence.

Think when in the last 75 years, India was so dependent on one leader as it happened in 2021 after the pandemic? Such is the psychology of the people when the truth of deathless deaths is blunt. Truth is also how Ganga was a corpse? The banks of the Ganges were populated with corpses? People fluttered and died due to lack of oxygen. …are the memories of 2021 in the known history of India, of human beings toppling dead, dead bodies being burnt in the queue, what are the old memories?

The most horrifying fact that the horrifying human experience was so easily forgotten as if nothing had happened! The country-society-politics and lifestyle, the complete drying up of most sensations-feelings-responsibility. Shamelessly informed the Parliament that no one died due to lack of oxygen. From the Government of India, the Ministry of Health to the CMO of the district, most lies are lies. Above all this pride that we saved the world. Or we created opportunity in the midst of great challenge, doing wonders before the world!

Therefore, the mite of the year 21 is in the bottom line that the environment of India has become more and more ripe in lies, arrogance, hatred, division of society. Once the environment is created, then the country and society will be in shambles for decades and decades ahead.

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