The Modi government, which paid tribute to the world war martyrs in 2015 and 2017, removed the Amar Jawan Jyoti in 2022!

Today the Government of India has given the “historic” decree of New India. In New India, the government writes and erases history according to its own accord. In this decree, the government has ordered that from now on, the Amar Jawan Jyoti or Anant Flame at India Gate will be merged with the National War Memorial. The opposition has directly targeted the Pradhan Sevak.

Many people, including the opposition leader, say that the Modi government has broken the tradition that has been going on for 50 years. They say that the eternal flame which was never extinguished was extinguished by the dictatorial government.

Since then, a mixed reaction of people is being seen on social media. People started posting in support and against the government. The media is bent upon proving the government’s decision as a “masterstroke” like every time. This can be called a step taken under the guise of making New History of New India. But the allegations are on the government that by doing this they want to destroy the old history. It is also right to glorify the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in this New India recorded in the government’s dictionary and it is also right to break the tradition which has been going on for 50 years.

The most favorite of government sources ‘ANI’ is claiming that the Indian British soldiers who were martyred during World War-1 are like a spot in New India, seeing that the government remembers the slavery of India. Perhaps the government wants to say that the martyrdom of those 84,000 soldiers in New India does not matter to them. The prime minister may have forgotten that he himself paid tribute to the Indian British soldiers martyred in the World War in 2017 in Haifa, Israel. Perhaps the Prime Minister also forgot that in 2015, he and his entire cabinet had paid tribute to the martyrdom of the soldiers who died during World War 1.

The head servants may have forgotten but we will keep reminding them that when and what they had said.
Field Marshal Cariappa and General Sundarji, the first Chief of the Indian Army, were also in the Indian British Army, so do specific sources of the Indian government find these people as symbols of slavery! Or has the Indian government forgotten their sacrifices?

Many soldiers and journalists are registering their protest through social media. Journalist Mann Aman Singh Chinna writes while registering his protest – “It has nothing to do with the name. It is about the sacrifice of the soldier. Our grandfather great-grandfather served the country by staying in the Indian Army and also fought the battle. What the government is doing is an insult to the tradition of the soldiers. Shame on the one who extinguished the eternal flame.”

Retired Air Vice Marshal Manmohan Bahadur of the Indian Air Force tagged Pradhan Sevak Modi on Twitter and demanded that the decision be withdrawn. He said – “Nothing is historical. Symbols have different importance in nation building. The eternal flame burning at India Gate is iconic. One generation grew up during the 1971 war. We all had goosebumps. We would all lose a part of our lives.”

Retired Lieutenant General Satish Dua has justified this historic decision.

Why Amar Jawan Jyoti is special

Amar Jawan Jyoti was built in the memory of 3,843 Indian soldiers martyred in the Indo-Pak 1971 war. Bangladesh became a separate country in this war. It was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by lighting a flame on 26 January 1972. Since then it has been burning continuously. decided.

The National War Memorial was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2019. This war memorial was built in the memory of 26,466 soldiers and unsung heroes who died while protecting the country after independence.

Let us tell you that India Gate was built by the British Government in the memory of 84,000 martyred Indian British soldiers in the First World War (1914-21) and Anglo-Afghan War. The names of those soldiers are also written on it.

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