The number of serious patients may increase

New Delhi. Amidst the rapidly increasing cases of corona virus, the central government has issued a serious warning. The Center has said that if the number of infected people increases at the same rate, then the number of serious patients and patients requiring hospitalization may increase in the coming days. The Center has said that at present this number is between five to 10 percent, but suddenly the situation can change. Therefore, the central government has asked all the states to make better arrangements for beds, oxygen etc. in the hospital.

The central government has said that the situation may change in the case of patients who need to go to the hospital. In such a situation, the states and union territories need to keep an eye on the active cases. The hospitalization rate in the second wave of corona was 20 to 25 percent. This number is less in the third wave but this number may increase as the cases increase. Meanwhile, the speed of the third wave is accelerating. There has been a nine-fold increase in the number of active cases in the country in two weeks. Just 10 days ago 10-15 thousand patients were getting but now more than 1.5 lakh patients are getting in 24 hours.

The Union Health Ministry said that the reason for the increase in cases right now is Omicron, which is being called the Variant of Concern. Apart from this, the delta variant has also been the reason for the increase in the number of infected. The delta still has influence in most parts of the country. However, this is because genome sequencing is being done on very few samples. So far, more than four thousand cases of Omicron have been confirmed in the country, whereas in genome sequencing, Omicron is being found in more than 80 percent of the samples.

However, in view of the rapid increase in the number of corona infected and the increasing mortality rate, the central government has asked the states to monitor daily oxygen beds, ICU beds, ventilator support, etc. Preparations have also been made to develop Kovid Care Centers on the lines of Oxygen Support Beds. Junior doctors, nursing and MBBS students have also been asked to keep ready so that adequate healthcare staff is present.

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