The player got a heart attack while playing, broke the ground in the middle, the video is going viral

New Delhi | Anyone can be heartbroken after watching a video of a traumatic incident that happened to a player on the football field. Because, this news is very bad news for sports lovers. During a football match in Algeria, a player named Sofiane Lokar suffered a heart attack on the field itself, after which he died there (Footballer Sofiane Lokar Died).

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broke his breath on the field
Let us tell you that the Ligue-2 tournament is being played in Algeria. This sad incident happened in the match between Mouloudia Saida and ASM Oran Club in the same tournament. Sofiane Lokar was playing for Mouloudia Saida in this match. Only then during the match Sofiane Lokar collided strongly with the goalkeeper of his own team. After this he got a heart attack and he died on the field. After the death of Sofiane Lokar in this way, the players of both the teams started crying bitterly. This match was also canceled midway.

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Heart attack came 10 minutes after the collision
According to the information, Sofiane Lokar was also treated by Physio after hitting the goalkeeper during the match and after getting fit again, he returned to play on the field, but after 10 minutes he suffered a heart attack (Footballer Sofiane Lokar Died). And they fell on the ground.

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