The professional practices of the FAE Institute began

Four students from the Pharmacy Assistant career began their professional internships this December in a well-known network of pharmacies in the provincial capital.

These professional practices will be carried out for a total of 45 days, in which they will be part of the customer service, billing and stock control teams of the Pharmacy, putting into practice everything they have learned during the year.

On the other hand, four other students from the Tax Accounting Secretariat, and Human Resources Management, also began their internships in an important Automobile Dealership in the city of Posadas, in which they will perform administrative tasks, Human Resources, customer service and Accounting tasks.

professional internships FAE Institute
Students of the FAE Institute in their practices

The Director of the FAE Institute, Carlos Balustra, stated that it is “very important for the students of our Institute to be able to carry out the professional internships that are part of the curriculum of the courses. For two years due to the pandemic, they were suspended due to health protocol issues, so for us it is an immense joy that we can resume them. “

Mr. Balustra also remarked, “the goodwill of the businessmen who allowed us to sign the macros internship agreements, understanding they also the part of corporate social responsibility, contributing to the training and development of young people so that they can be inserted in the workplace . I also want to publicly thank these two missionary companies that support and help young people by emphasizing the boys’ first job ”.

He also added that “two other internship agreements are soon to be signed, one with another pharmacy network and the other with an important social work.”

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