The Roca Grossa de Vilafamés

In the inland area of ​​the province of Castellón we find the town of Vilafamés, one of the most beautiful villages of the many that we can find in Spain.

As we get to its surroundings, we can admire the town on top of a hill and, as we get closer, its old town soon stands out, presided over by a castle of Arab origin that was conquered by Jaime I the Conqueror in 1233 and a prominent Parish church built after the conquest.

But these will not be the only things that attract our attention. Soon all our interest will focus on an impressive rock, located on Carrer de la Font, which is the town’s main street. An extraordinary rock, of great size, known to all as Roca Grossa: a geological formation of rodeno, located at the foot of the interesting parish church

The traveler is amazed by its size and the situation itself. Some tiles will give us a full account of its characteristics, highlighting its weight (2 tons) and its volume (832 cubic meters).

Curiosity leads us to look for more information about the Roca Grossa, and of course, we soon find two legends referring to it:

One of these legends tells us that, when touched, you have to pronounce three wishes, and one of them will be fulfilled.

The second tells us, full of fantasy, that, many years ago, the inhabitants of Vilafamés decided to lower all the buildings to the flat area of ​​the town. They tied them with ropes and began to pull the houses, brushing against the Roca Grossa, which made them slip in the reddish mud, causing them to fall and dirty their asses with said mud. For this reason, the inhabitants of Vilafamés are known as: “ Cul Roig” .

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If on your walk you pass through the Plana Alta, do not forget to make a brief stop in Vilafamés, to admire this prodigy of nature.

Oh, and remember its two legends.


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