The Rotary Club Posadas joins the contribution of a Special Scholarship for a young medical student

Online missions, in alliance with him Rotary Club Posadas, joins to grant a “Special Scholarship” which will be allocated to a university student of the Medicine career, within the framework of social responsibility actions, and sustaining the commitment to promote the effort of young people for education.

The Rotary Club Posadas made the contribution of $ 40,000 that it will add to the initiative to be able to accompany the young woman in guaranteeing the completion of her undergraduate degree.

Despite the pandemic, and in line with the values ​​shared with the Best Average Contest that for seven consecutive years carried out Online Missions, will be awarded this time a “Special Scholarship” before the life history, merit and permanent effort of the chosen student.

The Best Average Contest powered by Online missions It was suspended during 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected for its relaunch that the regularity of the educational system in the country will be achieved in the unification of criteria of the annual averages in the face of changes due to the virtuality or blended attendance of the classes, which, even due to the health emergency, present differences in the different jurisdictions of the country.

The organization explained that these exceptional circumstances were the reason to focus this year on the search for contributions to grant a “Special Scholarship”, initiating the alliance with the Rotary Club Posadas, among other companies and institutions that adhere to the initiative.

“In the case of a professional training in Health, and in the third year advancing in the career, as a tribute to those who fight against the effects of COVID-19, we want to support the initiative to deliver a Special Scholarship to this student who, in a future, it will be a doctor, “they said from Rotary.

Studying the degree implies a significant economic outlay, which today due to the pandemic generates greater difficulties for them to guarantee its continuity in the future. “The situation has become difficult from 2020 to date, and I really want to finish my degree, which led me to contact Misiones Online to apply for a special study scholarship,” said the young university student.

In this way, the organizers will continue adding scholarship contributions from other companies and institutions in the environment that always accompany the values ​​of commitment to education, until they can gather the necessary resources that will guarantee that the medical student completes her degree.

“Our mission is to continue generating a space of recognition for those students who deserve to excel on a daily basis,” they concluded.

About the Best Average Contest

In the seven consecutive editions (2013-2019), more than one million pesos were awarded in scholarships and awards to students of excellence from Misiones and the Rest of the Country who participated in the Best Average Contest.

The initiative aims to stimulate the effort and commitment to education for students with averages of excellence at the primary, secondary and university levels. It is the only contest that from Misiones rewards the effort and knowledge of students, with scope throughout the national territory.

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