The ruling party showed unity and Cristina Kirchner said they need “many periods of government”

The vice president and Alberto Fernández led an act with the candidates of the Frente de Todos; "White-collar thieves," said the President about the opposition

In an attempt to stage seamless unity , the top representatives of the Frente de Todos closed ranks today in this city for the next legislative elections . From President Alberto Fernández and his vice, Cristina Kirchner , to Máximo Kirchner and Sergio Massa, they appealed to build majorities and asked for a vote of confidence for the Government.

“Since my daughter Florencia returned to the country, a pandemic. There was quarantine because there was a pandemic. It was the only thing we had on hand when vaccines didn’t exist. We have to imagine the life we ​​want because we are going to have it again. When a government is committed to the welfare of its people, it is possible to reverse the greatest crises and emerge . We did this starting in 2003 ″, said Cristina Kirchner , from the stage. And he added, with melancholy: “ We were able to return because there was memory and confidence of what we had been, of those happy years . That is why we are here. We will return after this pandemic to build that Argentina that we deserve ”.

“Our economy needs consumption to grow. This requires many periods of government. To regain the life we ​​want, we have to have men and women seated in the Casa Rosada who are willing to withstand pressure and attacks, ”said Cristina.

The intention of the ruling party was to unify criteria and leave behind the unilateral reactions aroused after the dissemination of the photo of the party in the fifth of Olivos, where the President was seen with his wife, Fabiola Yáñez , surrounded by friends in violation of the established rules during isolation dictated by the coronavirus pandemic .

The President attended ; Cristina Kirchner; the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof; Massa, and the leader of La Cámpora, Máximo Kirchner. The same protagonists who were yesterday on Maciel Island , from where Cristina demanded that the President “put order” .

Alberto Fernández dedicated a large part of his speech to questioning the macrismo and complained about the economic situation he received. “Every time I am in government, I have to lift the default that someone else left. Default left by those who now say that Macri only ever crossed paths, “he said.

“When we arrived, 70% of the public works were stopped. The champions of ethics had made a wonderful business. ” According to Fernández, his government had to deactivate many projects. “The work cost a third of what it cost when they did it by its mechanism. That’s how they robbed us, white-collar thieves, “said the President.

In a game with the front labeling law, he argued that if opposition candidates came with labeling “few would be left wanting to consume what that labeling contains.”

“If it had labeling, that labeling would say: ‘This container contains a president who set up a judicial table that persecuted opponents; a president who appointed judges of the Court by decree, contains a government that by decree erased hundreds of laws, contains a government that indebted us 45,000 million with the fund, “he said, and continued with other supposed messages that those labeled as The opponents.

The President also said that he had written a song. “In these times I made a song whose chorus says: ‘If I lose myself, I find myself; if I fall I get up. The secret in this life is to keep singing, “he said. And he said that “there is just the exit door of the pandemic.”

The first speaker was Máximo Kirchner , who appealed to state aid to confront the pandemic as a campaign axis, accused the opposition of being “vivacious” and again criticized the management of Mauricio Macri .

“This election defines how Argentina’s problems are resolved. The IFE was to give a little push to a lot of Argentines who were losing their jobs. The commercial exchange in the world collapsed. It was not just an Argentine phenomenon, “said the vice president’s son.

Then it was Massa’s turn , who also questioned the macrismo and stated: “You have to understand why this election is so important, because even though they talk about the hegemonic vocation of the Frente de Todos, the truth is that we govern with a Congress in minority, ”he said. And he lamented: “We cannot impose the initiatives to be able to carry out the solutions that Argentines are asking for today.”

Massa acknowledged “mistakes” of the Government, blamed “inheritance” and the pandemic for the problems, and admitted that Argentina “is in the well,” but promised that it will come out.

“What is being voted on,” said Massa, “is not a meme with a colored hairpiece or good propaganda, but who are the ones who are going to sit in Congress in December to discuss central issues for Argentina.”

Kicillof, the third speaker, also called for support to add provincial legislators. “We need to get a majority in the Senate of the province of Buenos Aires,” Kicillof said as he looked at Vice Governor Verónica Magario , who presides over it. “Verónica knows what everything is costing us,” he added.

In addition, he promised a celebration for the bicentennial of the province of Buenos Aires for when the pandemic ends. “We have to argue again. They talk about the interior and the Capital. We must discuss the alleged unfeasibility of the province when we had a government that did not come to La Plata. When they came it seemed like a tourist excursion, ”said the governor, criticizing María Eugenia Vidal. “It was an absent government,” he said.

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He also asked to discuss a new co-participation law to improve the distribution of resources. “It is unfair today with the province of Buenos Aires, it is uneven,” said Kicillof.

The governor aspires to a different campaign: from tomorrow the tours of the 135 municipalities will begin where the candidates of the Frente de Todos will be shown with references from each community. There will be very few mass events or large-scale mobilizations typical of the Peronist liturgy – beyond a planned closure in La Matanza. The final campaign will be in the media and on social networks .

Over the weekend, this campaign strategy suffered a frontal blow when a photo of the President was disseminated at a birthday party in the Quinta de Olivos while the ban on social gatherings was in force. The photo sparked anger from relatives of coronavirus victims who were unable to attend their wakes or funerals.

Today’s appointment took place after the main candidates rehearsed individually apologies for the photo of Olivos. The extended political meeting for the next September 12 elections is held on the same day that the Kicillof government lifted the restriction to gather more than one hundred people in a public space.

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