The school teacher taught the world a lesson, after being found infected, isolated himself in the ‘bathroom of the flight’.

Chicago | America Flight Viral News : Due to the new variant of Corona, vigilance has started once again around the world. The governments of countries all over the world are once again creating rules so that they can save their citizens from this new variant. Meanwhile, a news has come from America which is surprising in itself. It has been told that a woman was found corona infected in the plane, after which she took a shocking step. The woman isolated herself in the bathroom of the plane, after which she made a video of herself and went viral on social media.

is a school teacher by profession

America Flight Viral News : The name of this woman is being told as Marish Fotia. The woman had flown from Chicago, USA to Iceland. This woman is a school teacher by profession. It has been told that while she was traveling, she suddenly felt a sore throat, after which she gave this information to other flight personnel. After realizing the symptoms of Corona, the woman expressed her desire to get tested in the flight itself.

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5 hours spent in the bathroom

America Flight Viral News : In the flight itself, a doctor did the woman’s coronavirus, whose report came positive. As soon as the report came in the woman’s hand, she locked herself in the bathroom and got isolated. After the landing of the plane, the medical team took him out and took him to the hospital. During this, the woman also made a video in the bathroom and said that I have been in the bathroom for 5 hours. The reason behind this is that I have been found infected. I do not want this infection to spread to anyone else because of me.

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