The secret of the blind murder of two women is not revealed even after eight months

Bilaspur| In the investigation of crime, there is a saying that the crime scene itself tells an investigator what happened at the time of the incident. Now it is only the intelligence of an investigator that how he should read the crime scene. TI Singh failed to read the real story of this crime scene of 2 young women who were found dead on 06 March 2021 near Ratanpur Bypass Khair Khundi. Due to this, even after 8 months, the real story of Shobha and Anita’s murder mystery could not come. When TI called Ratanpur Singh to get information with this hope, he could not give any satisfactory answer. blind murder two women

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According to the information available with our news investigation team, the deceased Shobha is married and her husband is working in a private finance company Cholamandalam. Many suspicious things have come about the lifestyle of another woman, Anita, who lives in Bilaspur. It has also been learned about both the women that both of them used to be missing from the house at night. According to the information that is coming in relation to the arrival of both near Ratanpur Khair Khundi bypass, these two women did not reach near the bypass, whatever criminal act happened with both the women, it happened elsewhere and the dead body was planted here. According to the forensic opinion of the crime scene, both the dead bodies were not thrown from the vehicle, but were planted in the bypass immediately from the real murder spot to hide the evidence. Post-mortem lividity was not found in the body, that is, the same plant was done after bringing the body after the murder. We got some important information from some trolleys and trucks running in the bypass, according to which the case is pointing towards sexual crime.

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