The Smell of Perfume: National Etiquette

The world came to know for the first time how much smell can be spread by perfume. The raids on two Jain families of perfumers of Kannauj have exposed the smell of politics in Uttar Pradesh along with perfume. The truth is that these raids have spread the stench in the entire politics of India in front of everyone. On December 22, when Piyush Jain was raided, 197 crores, 26 kg of gold and 600 kg of sandalwood were caught and Piyush was put in jail. perfume businessman income tax

It was publicized from all the news that this raid was on the institutions of Kuber of the Samajwadi Party. In other words this money belongs to Akhilesh Yadav. In a meeting in Kanpur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked his opponents and said that it is the perfume of corruption. Its smell has spread everywhere. This stench was spread before 2017. Till then Akhilesh was the Chief Minister of UP but Akhilesh said that this raid was carried out in a misunderstanding. The government got confused between the two Jains. Piyush Jain has nothing to do with Samajwadi Party. The government accidentally raided Piyush Jain’s place instead of Pushpraj Jain.

Now the government has also raided Pushpraj Jain’s place. Akhilesh intends that the money taken out of Piyush belongs to the BJP, while BJP leaders say that Pushpraj is a Samajwadi Party MLA. Whoever catches black money in their place, it will be of SP. If Akhilesh had not made fun of the first raid, then perhaps his Jain would not have been raided again, but now the BJP has settled the accounts. These raids tarnish the image of all our leaders. People think that they are all corrupt. None of these is a milk wash.

This raid being carried out during the election season also ruins the image of the ruling party. Such raids are carried out at this time only to defame and harass their opponents. Why was the government paralyzed for the last several years? Apart from this, why are these raids taking place in the same state in which elections are on the head? Is the fear of defeat for BJP? If the country has to do money-purification, then such raids should first be carried out by the governments on their own party leaders, because they only have the money of pure ruckus.

Industrialists and businessmen earn money by their intelligence and hard work, it is a different matter that many of them do tax-evasion. These raids have also proved that the nose of demonetisation of the Modi government has been cut off. Despite demonetisation, if crores-billions of Rs. Cash can be caught from the perfumers, then big industrialists and businessmen have put trillions of rupees in their own place. Cash would be hidden. The nexus of politicians and moneylenders has made corruption a national etiquette.

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