The tech behind Tokyo Olympics’ most optimized plan of attack

TOKYO — The Jamaican runner and her Olympic-record time caught everybody’s consideration. What’s on the ground, however, might have been a factor when Elaine Thompson-Herah broke a 33-year-old Olympic record in the ladies’ 100 meters.

It’s taking care of business as a most optimized plan of attack surface at Olympic Stadium. Sprinters are surely on target to setting individual, Olympic and potentially even world-record times over the course of the following week at the Tokyo Games.

The block red track is made by Mondo, an organization that has been around since 1948 and has been the provider for 12 Olympic Games. This specific surface, as indicated by the organization, highlights “three-dimensional elastic granules explicitly planned with a chose polymeric framework that are incorporated in the top layer of MONDOTRACK WS that are added to the semi-vulcanized compound. The vulcanization interaction ensures the atomic connection between the granules and the encompassing matter, making a minimized layer.”

Interpretation: It’s expedient.

“Feels like I’m strolling on mists,” U.S. 100-meter runner Ronnie Baker clarified of the surface. “It’s truly smooth out there. It’s an excellent track. One of the most delightful I’ve run on.”


Perhaps. Now and then, it’s simply quick sprinters fit as a fiddle who make it look quick. Just time will truly tell. The track additionally has been heating in the Tokyo sun with little use, making it additional firm.

“Goodness, it’s quick,” American 800-meter sprinter Clayton Murphy said. “Might take world records to win.”


The track went in more than four months, from August to November 2019. It hasn’t seen a lot of activity since the surface was placed in. The competitors are breaking it in with style.

“You simply feel it, man, you simply feel it,” South African runner Akani Simbine said. “You realize what quick tracks feel like. What’s more, as far as we might be concerned, this track feels truly speedy and I am anticipating running fast on it.”


Mondo says on its site that the fundamental target was to “amplify the speed of competitors and work on their presentation.” The top layer is vulcanized elastic to assist with flexibility. There are moreover “air-filled cavities” in the lower layer, which help with “shock retention, energy stockpiling and quick motor reaction.”

More direct: It assists racers with flying down the track.

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“A few tracks ingest your movement and your power,” American 400-meter hurdler and world-record holder Sydney McLaughlin said. “This one recovers it and gives it back to you. You can feel it.”


Keep close watch on the people’s 400 obstacles. McLaughlin set the imprint (51.90 seconds) on June 27 at the U.S. Olympic preliminaries, breaking the record that had a place with partner Dalilah Muhammad. They will be the gold-decoration top choices Wednesday — and may break the imprint once more.

Karsten Warholm of Norway as of late broke the men’s 400 obstacles mark when he went 46.70. He overshadowed a record that had remained since 1992. Would he be able to break it once more?

“Perhaps another person will do it,” Warholm broke. “I’ve taken care of my work.”


The other factor in these records could be the innovative advances in the spikes. Nike’s Vaporfly model of shoe stirred up the universe of distance running a couple of years prior, with carbon-plated innovation credited for assisting sprinters with shaving minutes off their occasions. That kind of innovation is moving its direction into the spikes for runners.

Thompson-Herah likewise has a hypothesis on quick occasions in the wake of running 10.61 seconds to break the Olympic characteristic of the late Florence Griffith Joyner. “My preparation,” she said. “Doesn’t make any difference the track or the shoes.”

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