The unidentified ray with the chin sticking out .. Shock photo

Kadir is a rising star in Tamil cinema. All the films released with his acting are centered around different stories. So consistently the reception for this film is high.

The actor will be starring alongside Vijay as his friend in the film Bikil. The film generated a lot of fans for Kadir. After that he acted in a movie called Jada.

The film focuses entirely on the game, the politics of the game of football, and Kadir’s performance as an athlete fighting for it, but the film was not as well received by fans as expected.

Currently Kadir has gone abroad. He posted the photo taken on his social media page. Fans who have seen this photo are amazed that Kadira has become such an unidentified person. And this photo is also going viral on social media pages.



The post கன்னம் ஒட்டிப்போய் ஆள் அடையாளம் தெரியாமல் மாறிப்போன கதிர் .. ஷாக்கான புகைப்படம் appeared first on Cinemapettai.

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