The wedding is going to be held in January-February, definitely take the wedding insurance policy, smart thinking in danger of Omicron…

New Delhi | Wedding Insurance Policy: Marriages have always been of great importance in India. This is the reason that even during the corona virus infection, the state governments did not completely ban weddings. However, during the second wave, a special guideline was issued for weddings. Now once again with the arrival of Omicron, the heartbeat of the lovers has intensified. Especially such couples are more worried whose marriages were to be held in January-February. It is natural that if the third wave has spread its feet during this time, then the marriage will go ahead or it may have to be cancelled. In such a situation, a wedding insurance policy of insurance companies can be of great help in covering the financial loss.

Wedding Insurance Policy:

New concept of insurance

Wedding Insurance Policy: It is well known that a lot of money is spent in Indian weddings. Whether it is a hotel for marriage or arrangements for food and drink, travel expenses of relatives or anything else, a lot of money is spent in the wedding house. For most of these bookings, advance has to be paid first and later on cancellation of marriage or advance is not refunded. In such a situation, this new concept of the insurance company can help people. After the outbreak of Corona virus, its demand has suddenly increased.

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When will you get the benefit of wedding insurance

Wedding Insurance Policy: You will get the benefit of wedding insurance only if the marriage is canceled in different circumstances. This will give you relief from the loss of expenses incurred in marriage. Not only this, the loss will also be covered in the event of annulment of the marriage in case of any kind of loss, theft or accident in the blood relation of the bride and groom. Along with this, even after the death of the bridegroom or the hospitalization of someone, this insurance also provides protection. However, you will not get any benefit if the bride and groom are kidnapped. The amount of Kanwar will depend on the expenses incurred in the marriage.

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