The woman who blew herself up with a suicide bomb in Karachi was the wife of a doctor and a highly qualified mother of two children.

Pakistan’s Karachi was shocked when a masked woman entered the university campus and blew herself up by suicide. Four people have died in this attack, out of which 3 were Chinese citizens. After all, how does someone agree to give his life? A beautiful wife and a highly educated mother of two children blew herself up in the name of Jihad. After all, how is the mindset of people changed!

High Qualified Suicide Bomber

The woman who carried out the Karachi suicide bombing – which killed four people, including three Chinese nationals – was a highly educated mother of two children. The 30-year-old Shari Baloch suicide bomber, a resident of Niyazar Abad in Turbat, Balochistan, did her MSc in Zoology and was married to a doctor. She was pursuing her M Phil and a science teacher, according to a statement issued by the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), an Afghanistan-based terrorist organization that claimed responsibility for the attack.

Shari Baloch had joined the BLA’s Majeed Brigade’s Special Self-Sacrifice Squad two years ago. The BLA stated that he was given the option of being dropped from the team because of his two young children, but he declined. Majeed Brigade has now threatened to target more Chinese civilians and Chinese interests in Balochistan and Pakistan.

Chinese citizens were targeted

The BLA said the Majeed Brigade of the Baloch Liberation Army targeted Chinese officials in an attack on Tuesday in Karachi. Three Chinese officers Huang Guiping, Ding Mufang and Chen Sai were killed in the attack, while Wang Yuqing and his security guard were injured. Today’s mission was successfully executed by Fidayeen Shari Baloch alias Bramsh of Majeed Brigade, resident of Niajar Abad Turbat. The BLA said that as a student, Shari was a member of the Baloch student organization and “was aware of the Baloch massacre and the occupation of Balochistan”.

The BLA said that following the procedures of Majeed Brigade, they were given time to reconsider their decision. During these two years, Shari served in various units of Majeed Brigade. Six months ago she confirmed that she stood by her decision to carry out the attack of self-sacrifice. After that she actively got involved in the mission.

“Targeting the director and officials of the Confucius Institute, a symbol of Chinese economic, cultural and political expansionism, was to send a clear message to China that its direct or indirect presence in Balochistan will not be tolerated,” BLA spokesman Jiand Baloch said. Further, the BLA said that it had repeatedly warned China to “abstain from plundering Baloch resources and to stop aiding Pakistan militarily and financially in carrying out the Baloch genocide”. “However, China is involved in its expansionist designs in Balochistan.

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