The world in panic from Omicron! Those coming to India will also have to go through all these checks.

New Delhi | Omicron Fear: Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, is rapidly taking over the world. More dangerous than the delta variant, this virus is spreading so fast that it has caught 15 countries of the world. All countries are alert about this new variant and are making all efforts to stop it, but it is spreading continuously.

Those taking both doses of corona vaccine are also getting infected
Omicron Fear: Let us tell you that the first case of this new variant Omicron was reported in South Africa last week. Which has knocked in 15 countries of the world. The lethality of this variant can be ascertained from the fact that those taking both doses of the vaccine are also vulnerable to it. The new variant of the Korna Omicron has been named B.1.1529.

border restrictions in australia

person covid infected from south africa

A person returning from South Africa to Dombivli has been found to be Kovid infected. After which the Health Department has sent its samples for genome sequencing, showing vigilance, as well as preparations for the Kovid test of the infected person’s family are also going on. However, only after investigation, it will be known whether the person does not have any symptoms of Omicron.

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The Government of India is also on alert regarding this variant and compaction test is being done for the passengers coming from abroad. Especially on travelers coming from South Africa. Meanwhile, in Maharashtra, a person who returned from South Africa has been found corona infected. Which is being investigated by Omicron. It has been revealed in the information that the person found infected had traveled from South Africa to Delhi and Delhi to Mumbai. He has been kept in the isolation room of the Municipal Corporation. His family has also been investigated. Cases of the Omicron variant virus have also been reported in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Israel and Hong Kong.

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India also tightened security rules
India has also made it mandatory for passengers arriving from abroad to undergo pre-departure COVID-19 test done 72 hours in advance, at the airport on arrival as well. For the passengers found positive in these tests, they will be quarantined. Along with this, their samples will also be sent for genome sequencing.

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