The world’s shortest woman died, the length was only 2.5 feet…

New Delhi | Smallest Woman Dies : Elif Kokaman, the world’s shortest woman, has passed away. Elif died at the age of just 33. Alif was a resident of Osmania province of Turkey. Elif’s name is also recorded in the Guinness World Records as the smallest woman in the world. In 2010, his name was registered in Facebook, after which the record remained in his name for 1 year. It has been told that on Tuesday, his health suddenly deteriorated and some of his organs stopped working. After which his condition gradually deteriorated. Alif was admitted to the hospital for treatment but died on Thursday.

Smallest Woman Dies :

The length was 2.5 feet…

Smallest Woman Dies : The length of Alyph was about 2.5 feet i.e. 72.6 centimeters. When his name was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records, he said that I always hoped that someday this world would definitely recognize me. He had said that since childhood, he was given height in school, but today I have got an identity because of this, I am proud of my height.

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If the length does not increase, then hope is left

Smallest Woman Dies : Alif’s mother told that we had contacted many doctors but there was no trace of her illness. The mother said that till the age of 10, we had contacted many doctors but his height did not increase, then we gave up hope. Let us tell you that in 2011, the record of Elif was broken by Brijesh Jordan of America and his height was only 69 centimeters i.e. 2.3 feet.

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