There should be a ban on leaving the job and contesting elections directly.

This is a very worrying trend, which is increasing rapidly. IAS, IPS or state service officers are leaving government jobs and jumping directly into the election fray. This trend needs to be controlled. Because this will affect the quality of government service now and politics will also be affected. There are a number of control measures in the service conditions of government officials. For example, to leave government service and join a private company immediately, officers have to go through a cooling-off period. In some cases, the government even waives off the cooling off period, but for that too a process has to be passed. A similar arrangement should be in place for officials contesting elections also.

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With no provision for cooling off, officials resign immediately before the election or take voluntary retirement and jump into the polls. Like being heard for Rajeshwar Singh and Aseem Arun right now. With no cooling off, there is a danger that the officer may compromise during his service. He may have a different attitude towards the party he wants to contest elections with. He may compromise in his work to improve his relations with the leader of that party. The second danger is that he may share government secrets with the party he belongs to. Therefore, there should be a provision that whether the officer resigns, takes VRS or retires from service, he will not be able to contest elections for two years or three years.

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