There was also a lapse in the security of other prime ministers.

The lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab is being told like this, Like this has never happened to any Prime Minister before. This has happened to Modi for the first time and it happened because the Congress party hates him and wants to kill him. It’s a waste. When Narendra Modi himself was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was attacked in a program in Gujarat. A man had thrown a shoe at the Prime Minister. Although the shoe had fallen under the platform itself, it could have been a bomb as well. this event april 2009 is of, When Manmohan Singh was addressing a public meeting there. He continued to hold meetings even after the shoe hurling incident and later he ensured that no case is registered against the youth and no action is taken against him.

PM Modi on the flyover due to a crowd of farmers in Ferozepur 15-20 If the minutes are stuck then it has become such a big issue but there was a time like this too., When stones were thrown at Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at a meeting in Odisha and a stone hit her nose. However, this is an event long before the security arrangements for the SPG were made for the Prime Ministers. Similarly, when Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister, he was shot during a program at Raj Ghat in Delhi. During his tour of Sri Lanka, he was attacked by a soldier while inspecting a parade.

Even after the security of the SPG was arranged for the Prime Ministers, there was a big lapse in the security of former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar. He was going to Ballia by train and some young students tried to enter his bogie. At that time the matter got so bad that the SPG had to open fire., In which a young man was killed. this incident sun 2000 is of. it was the first and last chance, When SPG fired. But even then no one had made a narrative of a conspiracy or a threat to the life of the Prime Minister. It should be noted that the prime minister and chief minister of the country have been killed due to security lapse. Former prime minister and former chief minister have also been killed.

BJP leaders are campaigning that the Congress party has hatred towards the Prime Minister and hence this has happened in the Congress ruled state of Punjab. This is baseless because as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made countless visits and meetings in Congress ruled states. On the contrary, the attitude towards the Gandhi family and the leaders of the opposition in the present government shows that everyone’s security is being cut off. This government ended the SPG security given to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Similarly, this government is also ending the security of SSG given to former Chief Ministers in Jammu and Kashmir. On the other hand, in many states of the country including West Bengal, even BJP MLAs are being given Y and Z category security. s / o, Who is playing politics with the security of important leaders or in the name of security?, It doesn’t need to be said.

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