There was no rent to go to father’s funeral, bangles had to be sold with mother, became IAS by cracking UPSC

He had become a victim of polio in his childhood, the financial crisis was so much that bangles had to be sold on the streets with his mother. IAS officer Ramesh Gholap never gave up in these circumstances and became IAS by cracking UPSC. Read the story of his success, today in IAS Success Story we are going to talk about one such IAS Ramesh Gholap who worked hard leaving behind his difficulties and achieved success.

was polio in childhood

IAS officer Ramesh Gholap became a victim of polio in his childhood. When Ramesh was young, he had polio in his left leg and due to financial constraints in his house, he had to sell bangles with his mother on the streets. Ramesh did not give up on difficulties in his life and finally made his dream come true.

Had to sell bangles with mother

IAS Ramesh Gholap’s family was very small, there were only four people in his family. Ramesh’s father had a small cycle shop, his father’s dirty drinking habit brought the whole family on the road. One day his father’s health suddenly deteriorated due to excessive drinking and he had to be admitted to the hospital. In such a situation, now the entire burden of the house and family fell on Ramesh’s mother. To survive, the mother started selling bangles, despite having polio in her left leg, Ramesh used to sell bangles along with his mother and brother.

There was no rent to go to the funeral of the father.

IAS Ramesh Gholap completed his early studies from his village itself. After this, he went to his uncle’s house in Barsi for further studies. Ramesh was studying in 12th when his father passed away. After getting the news of his father’s death, it was very important for Ramesh to reach home. The rent from uncle’s house to his house was only Rs 7 and if Ramesh was handicapped, it was only Rs 2 for him. But the financial condition was so bad that they did not have even 2 rupees to pay the rent.

Teachers made to assist in the responsibility of the household

After completing 12th, he did a diploma to share the responsibility of the house and started teaching as a teacher in the village itself. Along with teaching, he also completed his BA degree.

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