There were two injured after a collision between a car and a motorcycle in Oberá

The accident occurred at the intersection of Ukraine Avenue and National Route 14. There, a car collided with a motorcycle, with two people on board, who received serious injuries.

For reasons that are being established, a Volkswagen Transporter vehicle driven by a 57-year-old man, accompanied by an 18-year-old boy and a 110 cc motorcycle, collided at the scene. led by a 31-year-old man, who was accompanied by a 29-year-old girl.

Due to the impact, the occupants of the minor vehicle suffered minor injuries and were transferred to the Samic hospital in Oberá to receive medical assistance.

They worked in the place, troops of the second section and the Scientific Police carried out the rigorous technical skills.

One dead and one injured after the loss of a motorcycle in Garupá

The loss of a motorcycle on provincial route 105, in the town of Garupá, left a young man dead and another, with considerable injuries, for which he was admitted to the Dr. Ramón Madariaga de Posadas School hospital.

The incident took place around 6:00 a.m. this Sunday on the highway of the aforementioned artery, where a motorcycle led by 25-year-old Ariel M., who was traveling accompanied by another 22-year-old, lost his way on a boulevard. The driver died on the spot while the companion was transferred to the Ramón Madariaga Hospital.

According to the first tests, both were circulating on the artery in the Posadas-San José direction and for reasons that are being established, Ariel lost control of the vehicle and the outcome occurred.

The Investigating Court No. 3 of Posadas ordered the kidnapping of the motorcycle and that the corresponding rigorous actions be continued.

The members of the fifth and Garupá police stations, the General Directorate of Road Safety and Tourism and the Scientific Police division of Regional Unit X worked at the site.

A motorcyclist died after a shocking road accident in the southern access of the Costanera de Posadas

During the night of last Friday, after a shocking traffic accident on the southern access that connects the town of Garupá with Posadas, a motorcyclist died as a result of the serious injuries suffered.

The victim was identified as Sergio Alan Cardozo, 43, who was traveling aboard a 150 cc Corven motorcycle and, for reasons to be established, hit a Toyota Hilux truck.

After a call to the Comprehensive Operations Center (CIO 911), a police commission arrived at the scene and confirmed what had happened. According to the first reports of the event, at around 10:30 pm, upon reaching the A3-2 exit roundabout, a Toyota Hilux truck hit a 150cc Corven motorcycle.

As a result of the impact, citizen Sergio Alan Cardozo suffered considerable injuries, while the driver of the older vehicle did not present injuries, as well as material damage.

The ambulance arrived at the scene and transported the injured person to the Ramón Madariaga Hospital in Posadas. Within hours, the man passed away due to serious injuries sustained in the shocking traffic accident.

Deputy Commissioner Juan Gabriel Martínez, 2nd Chief of the Police Station, and personnel from the Criminalistics Division who carry out the rigorous work in the place (planmetry and photographs), and Bioquimo who carried out the corresponding breathalyzer test on the driver of the major vehicle were present at the site. resulting in 00 G / L.

Both vehicles were kidnapped. Subsequently, after consultation with his SS Dr. Fernando Verón, who arranged to notify the cause and subsequent delivery of the hijacked vehicles in previous expertise.

After a vehicular mistake, a woman died in Santa Ana

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon, around 3 pm on Provincial Route No. 103, near the Santa Ana stream. Where a Mercedes Benz car led by a 73-year-old man, who was traveling in the company of Blanca L 68 years old, he lost his way to the shoulder and due to the injuries suffered by the latter, he died at the Madariaga Hospital in Posadas.

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According to the driver’s statements, both were driving on the route in the direction of Santa Ana-Oberá and he lost control of the road when he tried to avoid a dog that crossed the road.

Due to the impact, both were injured and were transferred to the local hospital, but the 68-year-old woman was referred to the health center in the capital city, where she ceased to exist hours later due to multiple trauma to the face and upper limbs according to a medical examination.


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